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It's the biggest commercial distillery in the state and we make vodka And Gin and rum. I'm detecting a bit of an accent just thirty. But I'm just a wee bit. Yeah just a wee bit Gordon. Open Porch Jam two years ago. He's applies a lot of local bars and restaurants released. He did until a couple of weeks ago when they all shut down. I mean everyone in the rational business down here right now and the bar tree as well is just absolutely free fall their businesses falling apart. We haven't taken a booze older and two weeks and Gordon. The timing was especially bad. He had just been in the process of making deals with a bunch of national distributors. I was in the middle of advanced investment conversations with business in New York and Illinois and Florida in California that we want to execute this year. And then this crazy. Karuna fighters stroked on everyone and the market crashed. Of course it just went radio. Silent Gordon was looking at no money coming in and probably having to lay off all of his workers but then he had this idea a couple of Friends of Mine Gordon. It's really hard for us to gone. Sanitize we can't get any and I was running red walgreens with my seven year old one the and it was all gone. Then Gordon heard that the government had created an emergency regulation that would let distilleries like his pivot to making hand sanitizer. Yeah distilleries are perfectly positioned for this because the main ingredient in hand sanitizer is alcohol so I took it upon myself to look at how difficult it was to me. And then I mean my chemist of course than I realized that was there was nothing that was particularly difficult. Gordon realized that if he could convert his distillery into a hand sanitizer factory he could keep on all of his employees even hire some more employees and also help battle corona virus. I said listen. We're not going to do this. Half we're GONNA literally stopped making alcohol. We're going to repurpose or whole business. We're going to war on this thing. This is a wartime effort and like his attitude wartime effort. Gordon is currently producing around one hundred thousand liters of hand sanitizer per month. Which still is not enough to meet demand it have. You had a lot of orders. Zhenya destroyed swamped. Gordon says the hand sanitizer is selling for around thirty five dollars a gallon. He's not hugely profitable but it is enough to keep his business. Going into to fort. Louis would have been really tough for was to survive. Young Company and no demand overnight is particularly entertaining. Call to think about the really real thing about the way. This is all beginning to fall into places that I've had people approach me to invest in the company. Lost Twenty four dollars. Gordon says they were excited to invest in his hand sanitizer business and they were even more excited when they found out that he normally makes booze which I understand. I I get the enthusiasm gap. Who needs a drink? This episode of the indicator was produced by Camille Peterson and Britney. Cronin our editor is Paddy Hirsch and the indicator is a production of NPR..

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