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Eight would have bothered me that the wrong person won the award but it i mean i would have slept find at night it's probably the best way to put it you get annoyed a little bit but if his olympic my life guard fund here's a curious part though best actors usually give out the best actress award the next year with all that's going on will casey affleck be omitted from the award ceremony where they just give it to another actress or go right who will present the best actress award lava diseases sorry he didn't even shopped the sags like i'm not gone with all the stuff going on now when they said is name no applause i watched it last night i caught up franco was there the screen actors guild award and he got decent applause willing got boo'd but i think you're right i think africa's i'm duck in this i'm like on our best director as i mentioned the previous podcast spielberg domiated which is a bit of a surprise will the post is not with the strongest films and thankfully luca guadagnino did not get nominated for a con we buy your name if you want the one that i most annoyed by call me by her name four oscar nominations but i'm thrilled the c paul thomas anderson yes baby he's in that's a real stunner i know the latest odds run on goal derby i kept championing him and champing that film i'm so ecstatic that he's in there greta girl week in jordan peel firsttime nominee first time directing and all have never would directing oscar so finally christopher known is up for best director and ghirma del toro right now is the favourite for best director so while these five and all these fabulous so talented i of course and cheering for pt anderson i love chris renaud and i love your michelle toro but peeling gerg the first time nominate first time directing grads them supporting role as fascinating i thought all long is laurie metcalf the bag and now it's allison janney who when i first side tanya i said she's gonna win an oscar that's a scenestealing she is then i saw labor nice matt cast got this in the bag and that gene he's gonna win she's want everything to on the sagging the.

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