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General was not one hundred percent all the way number two we have got a role to be weighed into legislation hi twenty four now to the top of the hour I've been telling you there's not a dime's worth of difference between Bernie the Bolshevik and quid pro quo Joe well except maybe one has more energy than the other more alert that might be the biggest difference right now that we played last week we played you the tape of twenty sixty and that would Biden basically said not prelude it Bernie would just get rid of his his socialist label it's it's all what we all agree on and and he's passionate believes at all this and we do too it was Democrats it bodes the what I say nobody else picked up on the super Tuesday and will learn a lot more tomorrow yeah what seven states tomorrow super Tuesday it was the lead up to this was Bernie defending the murdering dictatorships and we're not talking about a few people we're talking about millions of people slaughtered in Russia the worst economic decline and and could collapse ever a baby but the history of mankind the great can't make guns and butter you had to people online for basic fundamental necessities like toilet paper and bread waiting hours regularly to get those items but he praises that we're even honeymooned in the former Soviet Union then it's praising the Castro brothers but they got a good health care system in a good educational system yeah okay well they murdered him plundered and stole everybody's landing confiscated pretty much everything and then Danielle nor Ortega and then Venice well even but if you look at the principles that was the Democrats say well we're gonna have a hard time defending this guy defending murdering dictatorships they both support meeting Biden and Bernie deportations of illegal immigrants they they don't want any deportations they want open borders they want a path to citizenship for everybody that did not respect our laws our sovereignty is our borders they don't care they agree on that beau Biden and Bolshevik Bernie you know they both support raising taxes on middle class American families and workers they both want to implement what will destroy the American economy and frankly it'll have an impact around the world we see that with Saudi Arabia and Russia from earlier to day and that is yep they'd like to destroy America's fossil fuel jobs that's the oil and gas industry the lifeblood of our economy both of them you know that they both want us all to pay for the health care for illegal immigrants in this country okay that gets expensive where's all that money coming from all the talk about viruses well would we have fewer what what what are risk be lower for communicable diseases of any kind if in fact we close the borders or just simply check people out not to be mean just to protect the American people I mean it was smart the president put a travel ban a fact I think we ought to check people's backgrounds I do they have any radical associations in their life that they have the means to take care of themselves are they in good health those are all legitimate questions not to be mean it's just we have such a long list of people that would love to come into this country up you got Bolshevik Bernie and quid pro quo Joe that they both support taxpayer funding of abortion even late term abortion they want to eliminate the fossil fuel jobs I support taxpayer funded free college who's gonna pay for that we are you know they both support the destruction of the private healthcare insurance you know Joe wants to double down on obamacare the disaster that's a disaster I'm good Sanders and Joe both support abolishing the death penalty and I am I just watchin I listen and I don't really see a dime for the difference between these two these two candidates Bolshevik Bernie's continuing you know to pull his punches on the campaign trail as it relates to quid pro quo Joe and zero experience hunter but his supporters by the way they're not showing that much reluctance some of them now fueling rumors that owning a politics USA that Joe Biden has dementia this is their reported says a former employee of Bernie Sanders was using the Biden campaigns virtual phone banking told to call voters and spread the claim that Biden has dementia we'll put our politics USA goes on to say the Biden campaign posted about the former employee a former Bernie employees using our virtual phone bank told to call voters and tell them Joe Biden has dementia and is live streaming it will cut him off in a little bit but I figured it's worth everyone seeing this stuff in action hello button campaign is blaming the scorched earth tactic of course that's Donald trump's fault no Bernie's trying to get the nomination first anyway in politics USA concludes its very trump like Bernie Sanders supporters to falsely claim the Joe Biden has this etcetera said that this is all coming from and they're all this is the internal civil conflict in the Democratic Party now if you listen to Joe Biden is a well we have the African American vote all sold up not so fast Jesse Jackson well he endorsed Bernie Sanders with the pledge that he will be campaigning with Sanders in key primary states okay maybe Joe doesn't have it sewn up he got a top Sanders adviser having apologised for sexist comments made about Michelle Obama this was a news week anyways senior advisor Sanders campaign had to apologize for tweets he said more than a decade ago and what she called the former First Lady ugly good grief several rights activists Philip Agnew now steers joining the twenty twenty presidential hopeful's campaign on March the seventh I am not my tweets from two thousand and nine okay all right one tweet random thought while standing at a gas station Michelle Obama is an odd looking woman I call or ugly but I don't want the backlash you want that kind of person working on your campaign Bernie maybe you should fire them just a thought Michael Goodwin is was always our buddy mark Simone early today and you know Hillary bundler is he's reporting a telling democratic donors don't commit the Biden I have been hearing from democratic bundle those who say that they're telling donors don't commit don't raise money for Biden yet and on Sunday good wind is contending it is New York Post column that Hillary is waiting in the wings preparing to rescue the Democratic Party of Biden's stumbles badly enough on the campaign trail okay good luck with that I hear a lot of people say these things this site is not okay that's not my fault yeah there you go Hannity picking up my little pumpkin again not fair Candace far how are you you creep get away from me be nice what's up campus in Florida are you Candice okay great I'm calling because I am African American Republican Jewish Republican and eight and I have been campaigning for trump since two thousand and sixteen Anibal Republican for a very long time what I want to get is that to the black boulders that are really all of a sudden speed not now for back pain trump has done a tremendous job with blacks and what he did the first act program in about ninety five percent of African Americans so far we believe that he has laid out a series of bill I call it a day for him linking for lady contract that he signed I can this might get when you're breaking up on us there hang on one second we want to give your call in here and and get you a good answer to that Moses in New Jersey Bose's how are you you're on the Sean Hannity show what's going on doing a great job with that thought you again my friend it's good to talk to you what's happening all right you know it's on the one thing that I'm thinking about right now is going to be dull the big picture you know basically the second term of trump because I'm very confident that he's going to win but my fear is that these attacks in the coming from the left you know the only reason why they happen John is because Republicans never respond in kind you know why is and the people that test that lied about having a wider than not gotten the Rajasthan treatment after the admitted to lying you know under penalty of perjury you know why haven't they got responded to in kind by our DOJ or not you know people like Andy McCabe you know they're going after president trump because I don't have a good answer for you well it because now we do that we know that McCabe and call me both referred of a criminal investigation they were found to have lacked candor wide in McCabe's case for example three times under oath and they made a decision for whatever reason not to prosecute I don't know if it's going to be an all encompassing thing that is sort of funneled into what is the dorm and bar report or action I do know the inspector general you know they had a limited purview but we got a lot of information everything we had told you about premeditated fraud on the FISA court denying America's civil rights and civil liberties and constitutional rights happen we know that it was done for the purpose to spy on a presidential candidate transition team and later president we know that Hillary's dirty dossier was the bulk of that information in the FISA application that says verified it's unverifiable it's even been debunked and they were warned ahead of time so all I know is you wouldn't get away with that I wouldn't get away with it and if we ever had subpoenaed emails that we destroyed we wouldn't get away with that either really awful I back to Florida by the way Florida Candice and two hundred thirty nine days you're going to be very important to this country what's going on see we have a better life I will hi I work the black voters to know what trump has done because when I tell them to mention about the third step back bill our ninety one per cent of hard battle Senate inmate every black family but ninety one percent sign up that deal they know that the president would have done they will still be incarcerated for life in federal sent in a federal prison every black person should be proud of what he's done if I can play contract play contract there should be not no black person walk behind Biden or nothing because trump president trump deal Abraham Lincoln that way contract well let me put it this way there is there there has banned disparage NC it's proven again and again the numbers do not lie I would say the the biggest two leaps towards a fairer justice system one is Barry Scheck the innocence project that thank god D. N. A. technology they've been able to free many people convicted of crimes they never committed I was a proponent of the death penalty most of my career until I started seeing these cases one after another we're people convicted and turns out they didn't do it every show DNA evidence so for me unless you're on videotape by by a very stringent rules that I would follow that but yeah criminal justice reform the president's support of opportunity zones the president's support of historically black colleges criminal justice reform with you know record after record low unemployment for African Americans and Hispanic Americans and African American youth unemployment women in the workplace it's good it is all good for our country our American family and I would argue Candace the reason that's happening is a predictable not as conservatism works limited government less bureaucracy burdensome bureaucracy lower taxes it works every time we tried it works yes they they really it really does he has really made a tremendous difference within the last four years and he he'll continue for the next four years to make a difference in the black community at its wish that all black people get out info and see what he is doing and see what the GOP Republicans see what you're doing Sean is a lot of everybody oxy which are all doing for the black community it's not for everybody to be successful it's just good it's just common sense you know what does the president say it as he gives his clothes his signature clothes at his rallies where one glorious nation under god we are one American family we want to keep America safe and strong and prosperous and great that's it pretty simple goal it really is and we all looked at it that way we'd all be better off and healthy too eight hundred nine.

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