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A lot of laker basketball right and bill plachy wheelhouse spend a lot of time at staples center this year about some more clipper basketball telling you this in mark my word i sure as i will put my hand to jerry west heart that summer who clippers will be with the lakers are on this summer they're gonna make a move next summer they're going to have to choose spaces to match players steve steve bombers a player he's a billionaire he's got the money he's he's now got control the organization lob cities finally over with no longer be run by you know by that triumvirate that that didn't work doc is there i mean i think the clippers they're going to be completely in the shadows this year nobody's paying attention to him but they're going to be a player next year what did you think about jerry west sticking the knife right there into the back of magic johnson basically saying magic had nothing to do with lebron well that's your ass jerry's oddest feeling and you know what a lot of people agree with that i think a lot of people think i mean jerry's jury's the most honest guy and you know wells out of christie's most honest guy dealt with and i can call you call on the phone we'll see i don't want to talk to our and he's tremendous and i i think jerry's i think i think obviously the stage was set lebron one of the come here but i do think i do think you're cutting magic you're selling magic johnson short if you think he couldn't have blown it 'cause he could've blown it 'cause i seen them blow it let lamarcus aldridge and i've seen them blow it back with dwight howard was an attractive option i've seen them blow it when kevin durant would take a meeting here so they they bloated or so this so they could have blown it but yes i think it was down i think it was down there in their wheelhouse right look i think lebron was coming to la i mean unless there was something something significant team up somewhere else he was he was leaning towards the entire time austin stack cleveland cavaliers season and maybe even before i do think magic had something to do with it would have come with the bugs come through jim boston mitch cup check we show if it was jim bus sitting in that car outside of his house an hour before the before the creation period began somebody would call the police on a cotton no so no they would not have worked i don't think that's why i think you gotta give credit jerry's right blending magic's right to is still to me though bill inexplicable that the lakers and magic johnson given all their gravitas given the fact that everybody in the nba kind of knew we learn kind of after the fact but everybody in the nba knew that lebron james was los angeles i think it's still a a negative on magic and on the lakers paul george wouldn't even take a meeting now there's a narrative about their bill if you buy into this but this narrative about like well paul george doesn't want the spotlight the la doesn't want to play for the lakers doesn't want to be the man and some of that i think is true whether paul george is much more comfortable in a one or two role than he is the number one guy but did not even be able to land.

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