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Michael. You're on w g N and just before the break you were talking to us about the Effort by Metro to keep people socially distance. Just talk to me about how the experience on the train is the same or different than what I've had in the past. Well as we were talking. We were operating about 55% of our pre coded schedule for 10% of the writers, So there's plenty of room on the trains right now. They spread out. We're we're trying to keep every car open so people can spread out as much as possible. We're trying to make sure they're people that cars are no more than half occupied and right now there's not really any of that are That way. We're after people. No. One person per to cedar. We are inundating the cars were starting a whole new insulation. Tom just this week with a new sign Ege reminding people to be socially distant, reminding people to wear their masks were reinforcing those signage with announcements from our conductors to make sure people know We really need people to cooperate. We really are asking them to take personal responsibility. And where their mass when they're on the train. And do you have free masks for people? What if they forget? Or just don't have one and It's that or get off the train. What do you do about? Yeah, Well, we don't. We have given away free math on special occasions, but we don't have them on a daily basis. Um, we just We just really need people to step up and take responsibility and make sure they have it when they get on. Well, that's been ah, bit of a complaint of mind. To be honest with you, Michael. I haven't been on metro lately. I'm in the city but on Sita I don't isn't an expense issue or a delivery issue. Like if somebody done wanna wear a mask how you're going to get it to him. Why aren't there free masks? Uh, well, I don't know the answer to that question. We have given them out. We don't really have a way to dispense some right now. Andi really think people to take their own responsibility and Have their math with him If I don't have a mask on metre, and the conductor sees that, what's the consequence? Was that interaction go right now We're not barring anyone without maths, or or removing people from the trains were just really hoping people get the message that they need to be wearing them. And from what we're hearing that that is mostly the case. Yeah, I suspect so. You're not obligated to do anything in that situation. I know a couple of questions from our listeners. Cheryl had won for you. You're on WG and go ahead, Cheryl. Yeah, I've been riding the metre on Wednesdays afternoon. And I've noticed the conductors are not checking anybody's tickets at all. So I never have been talking. I have not seen the entire time. I've been writing it for the past two months. And I've heard people talking that they're hoping the conductor doesn't come through Look because they didn't buy their tickets. So maybe that's part of their drop in ridership. People aren't purchasing the tickets in the conductor's aren't Checking to make sure that they have ticket is that is that a policy you guys were using right now, Michael? No. And you know if there's AH, it's hard to meet for me to address that without knowing which line in which train But you know, we have people that let us know when they When they have that experience taken. Send us an email on our website. There's a contact US link. And we'll try to address it on individual basis will sense around the honor system here. I guess I could find the conductor and tell him how you didn't punch my ticket punched my ticket. Please. You could do that, But I don't expect that's the case. I remember. When I was writing metro every day, and the train was very crowded. Sometimes it would be so crowded. They wouldn't get to you. Or maybe you are sleeping on the top of the car and they didn't see you. Sometimes you'd get away with it. But I don't ever recall anybody volunteering to to pay if they didn't have to, But that's not a policy. You're supposed to pay when you get on, right? Yeah, we still expect payment. Yes, Lisa, you're on w g N. What do you want to say? Lisa? Good morning, John. Good morning, Michael. Just a reference to your previous collar. My husband is a conductor on one of the lines, and he absolutely does check tickets and does sell tickets so just to answer her That they are collecting. They are checking, at least on my husband blind. They are so my question. Hold on. Look at this. Fire that you and Michael What did you want to say? No, I'm sorry to interrupt. I didn't mean to do that. There was a time during the beginning of this pandemic where we were not collecting. But we are. We have resumed that, okay? So my question that Michael is so far metre has done a great job as far as keeping the employees of the trained mind, you know, keep in their job, You know, doing a great job with that. I'm just wondering how much longer do you think you're going to be able to keep all these guys employed? Uh, I'm sorry. I really can't answer that. I mean, a cz. I said put John earlier in the programme. We have, uh, this federal care funding that we expect the last till the middle of next year. That's just kind of a assuming our current estimate is valid. But these estimates have been changing, You know, as That thing's happened has developed and you know if ridership tax revenues increase all sort of gets adjusted, correct, correct. So just to let you know I have your ticket if you're on the line because my husband's train is checking, So beware. Thanks for the phone call. Have you had to lay people off for furlough people? Michael, what's happened to the staff of Metra? We have not done any of that at this point. Really?.

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