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Love this podcast support this show through the ACOSS support a feature. It's up to you how much give and there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the show description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided journal. Nine ignition sequence uh space nuts. Three To Our. report it feels good. Hello. Once again, thank you for joining us. This is the space knots podcast episode two hundred and Twenty Names Andrew Co host joining me as always is professor Fred Watson Astronomer Lodge, afraid Andrew. How're you doing today? I'm pretty excited this wait for it. Really did you H- Golf Bolo Did that very well, but Maya audiobook has has been released as of as of yesterday. Very good. Austin. The the terrain Ian Enigma is now available as an audio book, download it from your favorite audiobook distributor, and now it's on Google and now it's on Apple. It's not quite on audible, but it will be they stumm. They're a bit slower than the rest to get get the ducks lined up and I think in all. There are forty three audiobook distributors that a guy to carry it. So. That's very exciting. Now, getting the would out if you because this is this is by yet demand people asking to get an audio copy so I decided or on old it and runs. Five hours. Yeah. Five hour listening. Is the one that? When you play voice very similar to the one on talking to now. Would Bay. Sometimes. It went sound like because I go into character. Rather than just right right. So I haven't been I like the sound of the. This is fantastic. Well done. Liking up voices very difficult I might add. That's right a couple of times, bizarre? Anyway. It's Ole ready to roll. So if you're if you're interested, you can you can download it today. Fred coming up. We're going to be answering audience questions almost exclusively today although there's one story that's hit the headlines this week that we can't not do. FEM accent but. WE'RE GONNA look at the use of lies in spice in some of the issues facing that particular situation measuring distance in spice why we use terms like plastic. Relied sickened or things along those lines. A couple of questions about Venus One is obviously focused on the potential life on Venus, which is hit the news this week. So we'll talk about that but there's also a mission headed Tamaz the Venus? I should say wanted to discuss and we we talked about the journey of light from the center of the Sun recently somebody's brought that one back to to us..

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