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It's for the children. The analysis is also finds. The average spending in high poverty schools was five hundred twenty three dollars compared with four hundred thirty four dollars at low poverty schools and finally our Dan hyman reports awards for school back in doctors are saying your mom is right time to turn off the phone get to bed because you really do need a good night's sleep Dr Simone Moan Fair on a cardiologist with data care points to information from the American Heart Association and others. She says it shows that for their mental emotional social and fiscal health teens should turn the screens off well before bedtime the laptop the TV the cellphones smartphones. What I I would recommend is at least two hours before bedtime? Farrell says research confirms what parents always say that foggy feeling you get without without enough sleep means poorer learning worst decision making and long-term issues with physical health a lack of sleep will disrupt their thinking and emotions and could push wish update chances they should I buy Clifford Republicans service we are member listener supported and we're online at public do service DOT. Org Our toll free the number for you is a fifty five four fifty free Ritchie. You've got a story from common dreams where they're claiming that socialism is what made America great absolutely take further into that in moments but first we're going to go to your phone calls and thoughts and also you can call in by the way to our discord Colin lines just go to discord dot L. R. Dot. FM That is where you can twenty four hours a day by the way interact with other free talk live listeners and there's various different rooms in there. It's like a Multi Channel Chat Server. Some of them are voice chats most of the people hanging out in the text chat rooms but during our live show you can connect to the on Air Colin Line rooms at the very top of the list and then you'll sound almost like you're sitting here in the studio with us so go to discord on L. R. N. DOT FM to connect their. That's that's discord dot l. r..

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