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This conversation that i- prerecorded with myself it. It goes into issues in our medical system. I wanted to cover off prior to that issues with our selves. And i'm going to try and be as concise and clear as i can and there's one thing where on the one hand you need your medical team medical practitioners. I have a team. People haven't endocrinologist. I have a general physician. I have a natural pat doctor. Yes i do. That's definitely one side of the conversation where we need to have a medical team or a wellness team that supports our wellness that supports our best health. Who people who advocate for you. Want that for you. But what i really find. Fascinating is when people don't necessarily want for themselves. Now what do i mean by this. What i mean by this is when someone receives news about something and they put all their faith in one practitioner and the outlook isn't great. Wouldn't you think it would be best for your best health to look to other professionals in the area just a thought i do because if somebody was to tell me you have this sandy first off if i align with them and i'm like yeah i kind of knew it. I've been going down this road where i've been feeling like shit for while i've done this and listen a lot of it. I know it sounds insensitive but a lot of it. Not all of it. A lot of it is due to the things that you've ignored for many many years. Illnesses don't develop an day. I admit it myself. I probably could have saved my own thyroid and i feel like people don't always advocate enough for their own health k. So i'm talking about having doctors who advocate for your health as well as your own advocacy. So when you have multiple symptoms for many years and things just keep going downhill and you keep getting something wrong. It's like you're a medical mystery all the time. Don't you think that maybe there is other work that needs to be done. I don't know if i'm making my point clear or not. But the fact of the matter is if i received a diagnosis i would definitely look anywhere i can a. What can i change about my diet and lifestyle right now to make this better. Be what supplements. Can i take to make myself better right now. See what can i do in terms of my prognosis to make the prognosis that because the fact of the matter is a lot of times once we get into that medical loop we just keep going down further and further into.

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