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Got a different crew here today. So this is awesome. They're all great. You know everybody here at. Gbd's volunteer really. Yeah wow so you know gas and all the audience comes in. They come in for free because we don't charge or do anything because jeb. Tv's all about the music and helping bands when they need. Yeah it's It's very much needed in the world of music for sure. I know it's amazing. How the music channels have given up on music. Yeah you know and understand that. I sometimes think everything's given up on music like it's not about the music it's about like how famous you are who you can get to feature on your song. That's way more famous. Yeah it's weird or if you do a tv commercial then you're all over television because they love the new music so you know yeah make sure your license some seeing get some good royal some some some cash. Good cash do some of that money laundering. Donald trump does for your son put a couple of million. You know right now. Donald trump is ready like a millionaire at his age so nine months so just keep it all right. We'll keep doing it. Yeah go cash this a great addition of j. Btv now what's next huge age. The next song let me start again. So the next one. We're gonna play Bridal love and it's it was one of the first singles released venue recode and it's about sort of searching for something deeper in meaningful in the current world. We live in a brighter brighter. Love you come up with such titles to right. Now say lucia on this edition of jay. Btv this is their second time on our j. btv hd stage joy so we have a brand new album out called high peyron. Very proud of you haven't heard it and this next song is prominent. It's called to love the humanizing influence a-.

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