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Billiant. Close they jump over babies who are laid down on mattresses along the. Streets so weird hope they blocked the. Streets I think that's why I like Doke so much because humans are so weird in. Spain they hold a huge fight where they throw what at each other hate tomatoes because, yeah because snowballs are so last. Year oh my. God it is traditional for brides in China to do what for a month before the wedding Cracks me up because I'm like just. Don't get married his his to do what for? A month before the wedding. I don't know I could get rude here I don't know cry cry. Called blubbing I guess it beats crying. For a month after the wedding ce- you get all your blubbing out Cedo blob on. The day I don't blow off does when is such a shock we realize oh my, God okay so in ten reef. Which is a. Spanish island off Africa what did they bury during advent and lent bread close a sardine And they all wear at its food is they all wear black and they do a. Funeral procession and then they. Bury a sardine when kids here when kids loose teeth, in Greece, what did they. Do. This is really weird I guess you're going to have to. Walk around and duck the throw them yeah on the roofs TV For the tooth fairy to come and get them so, they? Don't maybe better than putting it under your pillow exactly have written knowing, that, equipment varies gonna come tell you take your tooth if. Any alien, came? Down to our country just tried to? Figure out. Think about all the parents they would. They would think, we were some kind of monsters because we all. Have teeth in hair right you have your daughters. First haircut you save my? Parents said to me look look at all. This stuff and they. Have my teeth I'm like what what do I want with my teeth that's? Disgusting and they keep them in, a ziplock we we keep Alex is what are you gonna do with it I, have my teeth when? I was little you. Why mother can my teeth I guess it's like keeping a shrunken head no. Idea, so bizarre it's his I really. Want my If you're invited to, dinner and she lay what? Should you always do, you should always the Yep No don't let that Rabia isn't? It you, know that's. Japan I. Think, no it's it's aerob-. Custom, oh you're. Right, so Middle East coast, but in Sheila arrived late so if they say eight, PM it means eight fifteen showing up on time is considered, reality kind of like England actually fashionably late seeing fashionably late which. Is around ten. Fifty minutes after you never on time tells. Sean that because we. Call it for for time to owner that's, much better I'm? Always, ten fifteen minutes late. To everything I. Can't help it maybe it's. Just I'm just more polite now you know what yes I think you are there you. Go you got. A, great excuse. You, never turn up on time at? Something and, you never. Turn up. Early, to rudeness I love. That, well all. Right Last. One I'm reading so much this is great, quite bizarre but? We, actually have to can. Give you two. More how do you tell. Your hosts in India and Japan you've enjoyed your meal oh is that the last Nope. You thank them. I, don't know Finish everything on. Your play oh God that'd be terrible it's rude not? To but you're in. China, it's rude to finish? It, all because it. Implies your host In here? You go here's the answer. That you, we're looking for. In some Inuit cultures, in Canada how do, you tell a chef you've enjoyed the meal you know what The other end l. you you, do, you make. Gas you fought what was it to say. The, word because. When. I say it's part when? You say. You fought it sounds so.

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