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Former president Trump's lawyers is calling the January 6th committee's criminal referrals for Trump, pretty much worthless. Tim parry called the referrals worthless because the DoJ doesn't have to follow it. He added, it was just political noise. The House select committee looking into the January 6th capitol attack recommended Trump be investigated for multiple charges. I'm Jim Forbes. Now this Bloomberg sports update, it was kind of a mixed bag for the Giants on Christmas Eve. They went toe to toe with the Vikings on the field in Minnesota on Saturday in the end though, the Vikings made the big play late. How about a 61 yard field goal as time expired. A career best kick from Greg Joseph and that's enough to sink the G men final score 27 to 24. The Giants would have secured their playoff birth if they had won instead they needed some help and they got it on Saturday because Kansas City beats Seattle Carolina beat the Lions, the commanders lost to San Francisco. So all things considered it's actually pretty okay for the Giants as they stand pat in the NST playoff race they'll host Indianapolis on New Year's Day. The big showdown game on Christmas Eve was in Dallas. The cowboys end up beating the eagles 40 to 34 and that is a big win for the cowboys. They still have an opportunity to win the NFC east, but they trail the eagles still by two games. How about the commanders? We talked about them. They lost in San Francisco 37 to 20 San Francisco has rolled off 8 straight wins. The commanders are winless in their last three games. Jay glazer of Fox Sports says the jets are preparing to move on from quarterback Zach Wilson once they get to the off season. There's basketball at MSG on Christmas Day for the Knicks. They'll tip it noon against the Philadelphia 76ers. The NHL is on break until Tuesday. The rangers and the islanders will both play at home that night. That's your Bloomberg sports update. I'm Dan gotta ski. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Elon Musk has been defending the actions he took since buying Twitter as moves to save the company during a Twitter space chat Musk said his actions such as firing nearly two thirds of the company's staff since the end of October did not come because he's naturally capricious, he compared the financial situation at Twitter to a plane in danger of crashing, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives isn't convinced that Musk didn't ignite the problem himself. It's a $44 billion epic mystique by mosque. And I think right now it's really been a quick sense situation. One that I've thinks is pulling Tesla along with it. Tesla stock has been hammered this year and I've says investor patience is running thin still he thinks Tesla is placed in the EV market is solid. Our thing is the one of the most transformational companies along with Apple. But he says Musk's performance at Twitter is, quote, a category 5 storm that's Musk inflicted that needs to end. It's hurt the brand of Musk, which has hurt the brand of passive. Joan Donoghue Bloomberg radio. On the latest edition of the Bloomberg businessweek podcast, a conversation with Bloomberg businessweek senior editor Brett beegan on the Bloomberg 50. I would say that the biggest theme that emerged is the tentacles really that the war in Ukraine had. So we have obviously volodymyr zelensky is on the list. But then when you start to look into other industries, you see people in the finance world, like Dolly Singh, there was the architect of the sanctions regime against Putin. He's on our list. And then I would say it was also sort of hard to avoid what's going on in crypto and the winter. So we had some familiar names like Serena Williams, who's raising money, including investing in some crypto stuff. People like Katie Han and up until about a month ago, we thought we were going to have someone with the initials SPF on the list. But what they're putting his replacement, John rayon, instead. My favorite, though, Brett is Bad Bunny. Yes. For those who are on Paul, explain that one to me. Reggaeton, man. Oh, okay. There you go. That bunny is kind of fascinating. You know, he sort of emerges in the pandemic from he's really sort of first recognized when he was a teen for his work on SoundCloud. And it's been an incredibly prolific musician in the last couple of years. And that really culminated this year in him selling more tickets to concerts and having the number one album of the year when he had competition from some huge names Harry Styles, Beyoncé, BTS, et cetera. So no one had a bigger tour this year and no one had a bigger

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