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I'm like hey one you know it's not gonna be as can't take to you got to be one and then not seeing it. Lebron sprouted out football player. You're not really stop promote football. Player named is going on The list and stuff. I'm like you know all all all conference lists. I'm looking at up like okay. You know doing from itself twelfth grader. All around people putting pressure on me. They're like hey you're going to be good at football. Like suge injury. I i could pursue you know long. Your people are behind me. Supported me you know in had support charge me my mom dad my family back in russia. You love me you know. They gave me the support and knowing that my twelfth grade yeah we won the state championship enjoy first state championship in nineteen sixty nine an hour. So you know l. like grazing. Yeah so you know my name on the boards now like learning out loud. that's tall guy from wilcox county. You know yes so you know when they went up there. I'm like okay. Okay with the next thing you know. my name got out there and then i start getting recruited as playing football. You know what i'm like. Okay i can do that then. I end up getting a i end up playing out their senior play football. You know go only got a few small offers from like junior colleges you know. I started playing basketball. Mind like thirty. Four game basketball The university of georgia was at my game and basketball. I remember it was i think. It was Lima what's the opposite coordinator. Forgot his name but he was. He came to my katie. Smith will be able to tell us since he's a big gators fan or Not gators blogs enter hugh grant. He was like mine very athletic moved. Good like the bill tall guy you know and we want to sign into a sculpture. The play football auto alley university of georgia. You know nick. Marshall which is one of my brothers like we're first cousins nick. Marshall is my brother. So you know it's like they was like we want nick. Marcy come as dual ride. I'm like okay okay. i got one thousand. My best friend's my brother going to the same school. And i'm like okay. Yeah we all do you know but I wasn't in college pro collapses. When i came up in high school so i was in the class so i had to go to junior college which they sent me to a junior college georgia military college straits too. Yes oh my gosh military school. Do i wanna do that. I'm like i don't really enjoyed you. Can't be that bad. You know. Bad might bo bo bobo. That's jas casey with no man there was it. Was it bubble. My man you could be mixed. Aj could you not was giving me the the great receiver somebody to talk to me you know. Put me a great receiver. All my god yes. They could be pretty like often the sun now know around young telling you around signing day of this. My senior assigned a scholarship to play football with the university. Georgia georgia military college pursued that dream and really loved the mole journey because the johnny was a journey made me the man i am today as far been on time you know. Norne skull strategies. Aw man waking up at five thirty in the morning been on the bricks and then you gotta go to football practice. You know what i mean. Now you ninety. I thirty because you out. I got a little shadow. According to your merced azure here. You just got ours for that. And i gotta go down here and deal with coaches..

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