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By your logic, Alexander usak is the man in heavyweight. Do you believe that? No. He's got, okay, then what's the difference? You know, that's a good point. Maybe it's just the fact that he collected all the belts, kimbos is collected all the belts. Not a unification, not two belts. The ring, the lineal championship, he the way he did it in the hometown of tee of female Lopez. It was hard. I mean, everything was just there. It was aligned. It was a storybook victory. That's why he's number one. Look, in this sport, one story in one punch one punch can change your life in this sport. That's what makes it so beautiful. The fact that you can lose it and lose everything in one night and you can gain it back in one more fight. That's the beauty of this. You can't do that in basketball. No, you can't do it anymore, but you can do it in no other sport. You can kind of do it. Well, I mean, when a Super Bowl you change everything. But I don't disagree that it was a magical moment for George campos. And he should cash in on that. But I watched lomachenko, not just this last fight, but his previous fight against nakatani, and every fight prior to the day a few more Lopez fight. And he was brilliant. He was arguably for the last few years, the top pound for pound guy in the sport. He is rebounded from his only loss at lightweight and won two straight. He beat up on a very good fighter like you said in Richard Comey. And if you were gonna match lomachenko against George camb boss tomorrow, I mean, you and I both know we both pick lomachenko to win that fight. And by that standard, that's why I put lomachenko at number one. It would be a good fight because Cambodia knows how to follow game plan and he knows how to cut the distance. That's probably his best asset. The fact that he knows how to close the distance really well. He's an excellent fighter. But he knows how to do it in a sneaky timing is probably his best acid timing and cutting distance, but lomachenko is the smaller lightweight. So he's not only is he going to have to cut that on our show there this week, but how much Comey's a big lightweight, right? Comey's a big guy. Lomachenko didn't look that small against him. You put lomachenko and cam boasts in the ring. Yeah, Kim, both might have a couple inches on him height wise, but physically, like lomachenko was the thicker guy in a matchup like that..

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