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He talking about what's not to love with him he's so popular you can see it now you could see it now meet the meds meet the mavs come on down and meet demands mmhm what is the value says people don't live here what is it no we love Pam who hasn't loved him for ever imagine imagine imagine imagine seven hundred million they have between the two of them divide the New York metropolitans right now according to Forbes in this is right now with the stock market in the economy and the tank but right now according to Forbes seven hundred million that they have between the two of them would buy two dugouts in one locker room of managing the how much money Hey rolloid would have been if he hadn't spent a fortune on drugs and lawyers to prove his innocence but as we know the dynamic duo they're checking it out with JP Morgan chase as you heard from Bob and you know that story and also a Miami billionaire a long time friend of a Royd Jorge mas and these two will actually the three J. lo and A. Royden and ed Shays said no mas the four of them at least for the real money needed to buy the metropolitans worth in the neighborhood of two and a half billion dollars and why the blind well lots of reasons ego and power or influence attention and of course if Jeter economic team well so can he and of course J. lo she has made it known she knows all the words to the national anthem so so they feel they have what it takes to be front and center in New York City as as owners of the New York metropolitans Hey Royd he's so anxious he is ready to present Major League Baseball with his front office staff and some breaking news here because the WFAN nighttime investigative unit has obtained a copy of both Hey Royce front office selections and major league's baseball's questionnaire for what would eventually be needed for him dancer for the final approval once the owners have their vote in all financial issues are finalized so no surprise that airdroid would hire those he has been associated with for most of his life and from what we understand what we have discovered breaking news of cars his president of baseball operations would be Anthony bars and that is one of Miami's best known wellness doctors making well not only a Roy but Robinson Cano was while Victor conte would be the general manager famous for enlarging barrel its head size and increasing his bat size the new manager told me to go away the Canadian doctor who ran his own clinic and now would love to run a team he has of course well he's famous for increasing tiger woods drive off the tee they hitting coach Melky Cabrera famous for knowing very rude and feels with what he has learned from his doctors that he would be able to keep metropolitan players healthy and have proved their offense of game at the same time now what a surprise this would be we don't understand that this is finalized but this would be some real news of course so we can get him back into the game and they were really really wants to do that the new pitching coach god willing says a world would be Roger Clemens who vows he can keep the staff pitching well beyond their prime years with a steady diet of V. twelve foods that would keep them strong for years to come without losing eighty miles per hour on there hi heaters the head trainer would be cause any hurry strength and conditioning and what that fund this would be a strength and conditioning would be handled by Madonna and community relations handled by Mike friend says the WFAN evening nighttime investigative unit did not stop with any of this because also gaining access to major league baseball's questionnaire the final final stamp in approval after all final financial obligations are met question number one do you think any of the drugs you use during your baseball career might help in developing a vaccine for covert nineteen number two if you answered yes to question number one would you be willing to recommend any of those drugs for testing in any of the two hundred and eleven labs in New York looking for a vaccine number three have any of J. lo's movies ever had a story line or plot number four are you concerned and if you are you don't have to answer what if you did answer yes to question number three please describe at least one story line or plot from any of her movies that any moviegoer might Hey you remember or V. wanna forget question number five can you be trusted if you answered yes to question number five please describe over the course of of your life and your career just where and when you might have been believed of course we thank the WFAN evening investigative unit for their work and how working TMZ for this very very breaking news so we'll see what happens with this and again at the New York outpost was reporting and your reader probably in the paper tomorrow if you didn't read it online like I did tonight that this Jorge manos is eight Miami billionaire went to the same high school as a Royden also world like a right has connections to the university of Miami and he could be the money man to help out with JP Morgan chase with that getting out of bed the dynamic duo a Roy did J. lo ada a J. loads by the New York metropolitan so the bottom line is that will have to stay tuned now to see how this that it develops that that's for sure and again you heard from Bob thirty real major item tonight rob Gronkowski is now going to wrestle with NFL defenders his retirement is over you're heard the patriots have persuaded him to Tampa Bay for a fourth rounder in Thursday's draft and it's grandpa's ski and a seventh rounder to the Tampa bucs and of course how's your weapons of mass destruction and champro because let's face it already have Mike Evans and Chris Goodwin and diagrams house ski Cameron brate the other tried dad with the of box of voucher trade and is on the block O. J. Howard but patriots fans not to fret not to sweat about Ted never seen Brady to Gronkowski again because you're going to see the event fox whirlwind of Bucks come to visit at patriot fans not to worry with your tight ends that you have right now on the roster you have Mike to look because school and work out and Ryan Rizzo what is not to like with those two all right knows from the number and other things to talk about too with the NFL draft we haven't had enough to look at enough of mock drafts with the NFL draft and finally coming up on Thursday and we all can't wait for that so now for the one eight seven seven the three three seven six six six six as we proceed with caution of course on a Tuesday night right up until J..

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