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I enjoyed the weirdness of it and the trying to understand what was going on. I mean obviously has some debt to like taken like worlds and everything that is going on there but also maybe if you started asking questions about what's happening and taken which. I like to ask. Questions of blockbusters. I also really enjoy any movie. Where i kind of know the formula even though in this case you're right. I don't totally know the formula. It's a new setting in this case. I believe denmark and new set of people. And you're just trying to figure out like all of the accoutrements and it's almost like a vacation but it's something different but also familiar because you know generally wear revenge. Movies are going to go. And so you can kind of investigate. The bells and whistles with in this case are are the jokes or the questions that it poses. yeah index. Johnson has an interesting career. He's primarily known as a screenwriter and he's written a lot of the more celebrate scripts first. Suzanne peers films This movie it does remind me a little bit of what a lot of quote unquote action. Comedy is right now. Which is this like very curious line between severe violent almost like ethical crisis and also this infusion of broad comedy and you're never totally shirt. I looked like there's a bunch of movies that i just googled action. Comedy and here are the movies that came up the hit man's bodyguard the gentleman. Hobson shaw birds of prey. Game night. All of these movies. Riders of justice is a little bit more grim than those movies. But they have something similar in tone where it's like isn't it so funny that this guy's head just got blown off it's a it's like it's an interesting evolution of a genre that used to be lethal weapon for example. This is not like with the weapon in my mind. I was gonna say that if you say action comedy and then people watch this movie expecting like you know. Hit man's wife's body guard or whatever it it's really not. It's not what's going on. But i do whatever some of that is. The mads mikkelsen performance like he is giving a very different madge mickelson performance but he is also in a different movie. Sort of and i wonder how much of it is. He just rolled up. And it's like. I'm gonna i'm gonna play it this way and you guys can kind of play around it and the and the tone just comes from the the dichotomy of those two things absolutely..

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