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Like what else do you want to do. I didn't necessarily go to like a journalist. School villanova's why want from the grad and their specialties are business nursing and Engineer so being a major was kind of like the cop out there because like all the athletes were calm majors. So am i. My friends always be like you going to do communications but got talk for other things like well i do. I'll talk for a living. But it was just funny for that to kind of be where i went. But they did offer. I was accommodate your specializing in public relations and journalism and they did have broadcast classes. So al-sabra gate kind of background in it and get enough to get into syracuse. So you know kinda worked out in the end anyway so you said that was in high school that you kind of realized that you needed to figure something out so again. We're were so alike josh. Because i was the same way it was high school for me. That's very funny..

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