Walker Buehler Buehler, Justin Turner, Garrett Kohl discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


The last. Night I appreciate that thanks you got. That's Walker Buehler Buehler. Right here on the rich Eisen. Show. A that's why I told you. I was conflicted about talking about it. It's a the number of times. You here boy that's a tough one. It is because of WHO Justin Turner is and what he represents and how is going on feel without a mask others in at risk and he just basically said. There is essentially no playbook to learning in the seventh inning of a World Series game that your beloved teammate is covert positive. and. There's no way he wasn't gonNA to come out and celebrate. and. That will be an argument for Evermore and it will be a lot. Shall we say easier to swallow post pandemic. If again, this photograph that we're seeing on the screen of them, all being mask listened celebrating together that nobody gets it. And that nobody gets it in his hospitalized. Or even worse. So you know and he he also want to denigrate what the razor doing but. Tell you what? He Ain't coming. He's not coming out. And he's got, I mean, Kevin Cash compared his fastball to Garrett Kohl's which means He's soon will not have to have some sort of.

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