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And talk about a variety of different topics. I've always liked to present information thoroughly, of course, about different topics. Pekar so many people out there with a variety of different issues or conditions or complaints or symptoms. And we try to make things as understandable as possible. So I try not to use, you know, big medical terms and confuse everybody. And I want people to get, you know, excited about making themselves healthy. So we talked about controlling your day. We talk about creating your day yet to start documenting your day. So that you can clearly see how your body's doing a lot of people just kind of go with the flow and don't really look at anything. They're not introspective. You know, what time do you? Go to bed. How well did you sleepy going to bed too late? A lot of people will do that. And then they say they don't get enough sleep because they have to get up early in the morning. What are you having for breakfast lunch dinner snacks? You know, what are your foods made up? What are you putting into your body? How much actively are you doing how much exercise you do your under significant amount of trust because of work or variety of reasons? All these things are important. You should write down your day. So that you can clearly see that I achieve everything on wanted to today. Great if I didn't okay, we'll try to little bit more tomorrow. You have to work within positive thoughts and mood. So it enables you to feel good about what you're doing. And then honestly when you are exercising and getting a lot of oxygen toll your tissues, flooding yourselves with oxygen vitamins minerals hormones, your body will do better it'll be reinforcing for you. So this is something that I keep talking about with patients. So they can do more on their own, okay. For lines are open if you'd like to call in one eight hundred eight four eight WABC one eight hundred eight four eight nine to two to the new website is up and switched. So it took a long while to have this come out as neatness clean as humanly possible. And after thank Alex and Mick and Luke for doing such a great job. It is easier to navigate through because the top banner. Lists different areas of the website, home stem cell therapy that comprehensive medical attritional. Coach articles videos about you can type in s me question through the Email the podcast with all the past few years worth of shows on it. So there's a lot of important information linked to the offices are and you can see the bottom map, the prior website had a ton of information on the first page, and although a lot of people love that. I think that it might have been too difficult for people to navigate so according to the pros, this is an easier site to navigate on the first page, you see all sorts of stem cell videos from the bottom you see the two thousand plus articles. So a lot of great information for you. And we'll be adding to that. Over and over again. Okay. Let's see what we have for great research, low levels of vitamin d increase mortality risk in. A course I've been saying this for very long time in many studies have been describing this. This is from journal clinical chronology. It is the department of community medicine immunology Carmel medical center in Haifa and Israel meta-analysis multiple studies. We're looking at the association between vitamin d and all different mortality causes of death and disease involving a hundred eighty two thousand one hundred and fifty two people from the general population. There are twenty years of age and older and the subjects vitamin d levels were measured month to month throughout the course of the entire study and me medium follow up his twenty eight months during which seventy two hundred people had died. Those who had the more significant progression of disease have lower levels of vitamin d. And they were adjusting for age gender, ethnicity seasonality. So they looked at a wide range of things within these individuals. But the people that had the lowest levels of vitamin d seemed to have more progressive degeneration disease and therefore death. So they're suggesting that all course, mortality may be independently. Related to inversely related to vitamin d levels, the higher the vitamin d the better your body will be again, we try to get you into a range of eighty to one hundred. So that you have the benefits of enough of the vitamin d and some studies studying Europe started in Italy in spread around all of Europe, and the globe with the vitamin d council shows that vitamin d is most amazing when you get your levels between eighty and. Okay. Phone lines are open our first call. Let's go to Laura in queens. How are you? Very well. Thank you. Dr. I've been recommended that I need to reverse shoulder replacement. Okay. We'll we'll stem cell surgery 'cause I use back to help my shoulder. It certainly can help you shoulder. And we've done this on many shoulders. The question is, you know, how much damage do you have in your shoulder? And what does the MRI say? So, you know, the question is, you know, you probably have some damage to the ligaments and tendons that hold the ball up against the socket. You may have labor tear. I mean, I don't know exactly what you have. But I'd like to get an idea as to what the show so we can see what's really there. Right now, there is no pain because I pulled a muscle in the arm. So because of that they reached no pain, however is very restricted. Go up so high and also I can can't carry something more than a court of nil. I mean, but that's I mean, it doesn't sound that you're in extreme pain or extreme difficulty. Yes. I understand you can't carry something. But we see that with tears of the super Spanos infra spiritus, and for people that have done the shoulder stem procedures which you can see videos on the website. Specific to that. People have not gone for sugary. So I would like to be able to examine your range emotion. See your strength and look at the Murrah in clearly see what's there? I mean, a reverse shoulder surgery is a big procedure, not only the general anesthesia, but they're trying to reattach certain muscles to try to create the movement that you had before. But it doesn't mean you're going to have a perfect or a great shoulder. I know that guarantee. Well, yeah, I mean, so if you can use your own body and cells from your body to repair damaged ligaments cartilage than that would be obviously that much easier. There's no general anesthesia with this. So I mean, my best comments would be looking at your range of motion looking at your ability to lift and move and your muscle strength. And also looking at the more. I. Oh, okay. All right, doctor. I'll be in DC you bring the great. That'll be perfect. Thank you make a little list of the things that you can't do like you said you can't lift a milk carton or a Cup of coffee or something right down. Where you're limited in your range of motion. A lot of people. They can't do the movement as if they're throwing a baseball or football. But that down. Okay. We'll do. Already seen. You have a great day. The kid phone lines are open eight hundred eight four eight WABC for like two task question. You could do so now one eight hundred eight four eight WABC one eight hundred four eight nine two two to another great study on vitamin d deficiency and asthma. There seems to be a link between vitamin d deficiency. And asthma. This is from the American journal respiratory critical care medicine. Research done at the children's hospital, Pittsburgh, university division, pediatric pulmonary medicine. In Pennsylvania that took five hundred sixty children with asthma and a similar amount without asthma. And there were between ages six to fourteen years a direct link was found between vitamin d deficiency and severe asthma exacerbations in these children. Independent of allergy history, independent of other markers for disease or ancestry. The researches were looking at vitamin d levels. So they did repeated tests they found that vitamin d insufficiency or deficiency was coming across the children. But the lower the vitamin d the higher. The odds of the as Matic inflammation in exacerbating. Another reason to have good levels of vitamin d on board. And this is of course, why with every patient I've ever seen younger and older we test vitamin levels. We make recommendations for good foods good vitamins. And then we check to make sure your levels are the perfect range for all that ovens. And certainly people that have asthma. Adults were kids will do testing for food allergy as well as inhalant allergy because we see direct correlation with asthma eczema bronchitis. Headaches migraines with the allergy phenomenon. So we can't ignore something that we've documented and proven, you know, a thousand ways to Sunday that what you eat either helps your body or what you eat can irritate your body. And I've said this so many times I hate to be too repetitive. But the majority of patients that come in with unexplained symptoms, but of course, stomach or gut issues, we tell them to cuddle the grains out of their diet. And cut their sugars down. They sat can't believe how much better I feel my bloating was gone away losing the extra few pounds. I wanted to lose my headaches or gun, and they just give a list of things just from changing some of the components of their diet. Of course, when we test them for allergy we pull those things out to and the picture gets even better. So your body has to tell us what we need to do to maximize the outcome maternal Philip acid intake before and during early conception may reduce the risk of autism. Great study. The American journal clinical nutrition terrific journal, the department of public health sciences university of California Davis in Sacramento. A study involving families enrolled that charge childhood autism risk from environment study from two thousand three onward found that women that took full ACC acid in and around in before and the time of conception. They had a significant reduction in autism spectrum disorder in their offspring included were families of children who had families who had a child with autism spectrum disorder fortune twenty nine of them or some developmental delays. So important to understand that full of gas is important for the mom for the developing fetus, we've all heard about b twelve referred about full casted helping to prevent neural tube defects that been around for probably forty or fifty years in medical research. But certainly a pregnant woman needs to have lots of good things on board. So that the fetus can develop in the most healthy fashion. What did hundred eight four eight WABC if you'd like to call task question he could do?.

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