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On that piece of business. So, but he was over, but I like this right. Vance wanted to see sting succeed. And him getting a nice rub, the house shows working the main events. As he's in tags, he takes the fall that kind of thing. Seemed to work to start working out decently. From the standpoint of disappointment and frustration, that's a personal thing with Steve Borden. He had to live with himself that this thing just didn't work. And they cruel irony of that is, it didn't work, but everybody knew that it should and could work. Yes. I should get all the pieces together, put it back into place and start a plan, if it takes us a year, but we have a destination that we're going to. We know on this day that this pay per view is staying is going to become the champion. And the smart money might have been you wanting to become the champion at the end of the day, against layer. Until then, or you're rebuilding staying with a succession of wins and getting him away from the horsemen, exclusively, flair could have been working with other people, helping other guys and making other guys feel like a star. But that might have been thinking too deeply. I'm not sure. Well, the first challenge here for flair is not going to be staying. It's going to be Scott Steiner and boy Scott still has. I like that. Yes. That sounds good, right? That sounds great. I mean, everybody knew Scott Steiner had all the tools to be a top guy. One of the most jacked up physically impressive guys on the roster, arguably had the hottest move in the whole business with frankensteiner. Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. But for whatever reason, the match didn't click, Scott has contended for all these years that he felt like flair sandbagged him, and a lot of people in the newsletters at the time said the same thing. And I know today's episode is about staying. Maybe that's a conversation for another day, but at clash of the champions, we see sting and Luger team up to take on doom and Dan spivey is going to interfere. And he's going to attack Luger before butcher E thrift sting over the top rope for the DQ. But somehow we wind up with Dan spivey and Lex Luger in a situation here. I don't know that that's what I would have picked for either one of those guys in hindsight. Me neither. Neither one were ready for that role. Like I said, Dan is 5 you never really found his creative home until you can't waylon mercy. When Dan's father came away to mercy, he became special. And he was booked half hazardly, skyscrapers, this partner, that partner, whatever, and Dan was always a reliable as hell. I think the business, the rest of business needed more dance 5 years in it, but the way that he was being booked was never going to get into the promised land. So yeah, I like dance work, but the way the mercy character I sit here on the show is one of my favorite personas that I work with as George the hell out of it. Those vignettes take produced on him. We're just I still think about them. They're very good. Really good. I want to mention this whole Luger sting thing becomes a bit of a thing as a tac team. Because we would see them take on Sid Vicious and stay enhancing at the Omni, and then take on flare and sit in both Philadelphia and Baltimore as a kid, I absolutely loved the pairing of Luger and sting. As someone on the inside of the business, what did you think of that? Was it too much of the good stuff? What we have gotten more mileage and building a card if we had these over baby faces in different situations or was there something wrestling fans always want new? Is this the way we get a new coat of paint on these guys putting them together? I think it rejuvenates both guys a little bit. It was great artwork for a poster for a graphic lex and staying their young and vibrant physiques. So there are a lot of positives to that situation. Without somebody starting already out there and real and JR land that, yeah, they work. Well, sometimes working is a extremely important, obviously. Hello. But it's not the only thing. If they were a great workers and they were obese lobs, then what do you got? Yeah. You got two pretty good workers at OB Slavs, not only to watch that. That's like watching ugly women. I just think that it's a visual business television business. And people ought to be pleased visually and Luger and staying for the kids out there and sting's face paint. They're big muscles or tans and all that. The women loved them. So I thought it was here's how to ask you this Conrad in response. Why not? Why not try it? Are we doing something better? Are we holding all something guaranteed to be better? No. Is this newer? Yes. Are you featured to your top earners? Absolutely. So why not? So let's also mention that even though maybe that title run wasn't what anyone hoped it was for staying, staying winds up being presented the pro wrestling illustrated award for wrestler of the year and inspirational wrestler of the year by Bill after, and I know people look at that sometimes and I say, oh, the PWI awards. But buddy, back in 91, that was a pretty cool deal. I mean, their distribution was major. And that meant that your top guy is going to be on the cover of that magazine. That's a great thing not only for sting, but the promotion, right? Yeah, good PR, good, merchandising, good marketing. A lot of wins there in those awards because they were looked at and like you said, entirely different than as they are now. I mean, every website has got an award award edition, it seems like. Yeah. You know, males have been doing his awards addition for probably 30 years. And a lot of people follow his lead in that world. So consequently, there's awards or I don't want to say a dime a dozen because that's disparaging, but you can get a little overkill on the rest of the year, all that stuff. And they don't understand what the criteria was to be to earn that distinction. But in any event, staying getting those two awards on a very challenging year for him is professional was very, very well timed..

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