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Cap do kid. I found the staff just come to work. Don't think about anything shot this down on the back of your notes in five seconds before the session starts. I don't think that at all. I think it's been on that. It's exactly what happened. But it doesn't happen that way all the time you can cultivating those all week how much time do we have boys? They have a minute. Yeah. We got one minute. I was written fish paints article on the athletic just talking about the game too. Chem Senate first name fish county, Dishman sorry heaven pain. All right. I keep seeing this stat or something similar to it. And Kevin has this in his article since two thousand one sixty four quarterbacks in their first or second NFL season. Which is right. Have played the patriots and attempted a minimum of ten passes. That's perfect football. A pro football reference. There teams are eleven and fifty three that's not even one out of five. That's a one seventy two percent. That's not good versus ballot show. You believe that teams with quarterbacks to have at least three years of experience or fifty four hundred seventy two against the pats. And that span it's two thirty nine winning percentage. They win a lot. They beat almost everybody. But wow, that doesn't bode well, let's see Trubisky in the bears. Tom Brady's funded and fifty four wins two hundred and fifty four array Lucy's, and I gave you the stat. What that what this team is against the NFC since one fifty four and fifteen that's seven eighty three winning. Percentage. It's remarkable. All right, Todd Furman all the best place, college and pro coming up next.

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