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The show so much to talk about so we have a segment called keeping moving jalen. If you want to discuss the topic you say hit the brakes. If not me. We met the man jump in the minivan. And thank you moving. Are you ready. Mr Gannet Lsu Alabama classic in Tuscaloosa. This his came was all about our colleagues that are L. S. U. Alumni and Batman Green. Joe Borough Jalen rose. This was one of the most hyped College Football Games that I've seen in years and it lived up to it. What did you think of? LSU's big win over your nose and tied you know I call it like I see it and I knew they were Christian McCaffrey. Let's do it with Joe Borough. Can we stop looking sideways and acting surprised that. There's a white dual threat quarterback that can and actually run with the football. He's legitimate he legitimate. He's got a top-flight draft. Pick but for to be hobbled the way he. He was an respond the way he did in the second half. LSU had a couple uncontested touchdowns that they allow the one where the DB was looking over at the coach the late when they had the lead. So I still beauty tease as bolt having the opportunity to being the College Football playoff and don't be surprised if they actually play one. Another later in the season again to clearly wasn't one hundred percent himself but he just reminded minded everybody just what he can do. We need on the football field. I love to as a pro prospect and Joe Borough climbing list as well Jalen. The lions played yesterday. Keep moving. Hit the brakes hit the brake. I don't know if you saw. I know there's a lot of games names.

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