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One also making local headlines the number of Kobe nineteen deaths in New York state went out past one hundred just a day after the death toll had dropped to eighty four which was the lowest number since March at a news conference today from Jones beach governor Cuomo said the mid Hudson region which of course includes Westchester and Rockland counties is still on track to re open on Tuesday as a trade war contact tracers this weekend he added Long Island can reopen Wednesday but must get its number of deaths down and contact tracers up meanwhile the Long Island Rail Road adding more cars to its trains to accommodate social distancing FDA commissioner Dr Steven Hahn is warning Americans at the corona virus is not yet contained as many celebrate the Memorial Day weekend he did issue a warning on Twitter urging folks to take personal responsibility for their actions anyone on to advocate for the social distancing along with hand washing and continue to wear masks on said those things do protect us all that being said there is some encouraging news in the fight against covert eighteen.

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