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Network. The actually the lead now thirteen seven latavius Murrieta TD run. But also a miss PAT from the Vikings. So that's why the advantage is at six Ramsey only team in the NFL undefeated. They dropped the Packers twenty nine to twenty seven colts over the raiders forty two twenty eight. All right. Welcome back. Ben Ferguson show. Nice savvy with us tonight of join us. We are chatting right now. How Democrats coming after Donald Trump? Jim Carey now, the actor this weekend said that Republicans are down Trump is now kidnapping kids is the same people. They're saying Ben we need to make sure. We need to make sure that we bring people together we need to unify the country. Then they go out and say Donald Trump is kidnapping children. That sound like unification not so much doesn't sound like unification at all. Do as I say now as I do Democrats want to blame Donald Trump for the crazy man that went out there and did horrible things this week by sending bombs the people, but they don't cover they undercover the liberal man who sent rice in to the president rice and to the FBI director rice into the secretary of defense. Double standard. They didn't say. Well, should we hold Democrats accountable for what was said? Nope, won't say a word about that. One eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three to let me go to Mike. Thanks for waiting. Mike. You're on the Ben Ferguson show. Good to have you with us tonight. Go ahead. Yes. Regardless of response. And regardless of who he is. What of what Cy? I think the point. That's coming across very clear is that if you answer, correct? Justifies whatever went on out there. I think that is the wrong approach regardless of food saying it, but I do agree on one thing is that forty five has. And a lot of people get fired up and art taken. It beyond a thought or a. No. Just verbal. Fate into. What we're seeing? Needs directly responsible. What I am saying is that we cannot deny. The fact that words. Power and they do translate to action in some instances. Here's here's my thing. Why is it that no one is brought up the actual violence. It's been done by Democrats when they surround congressman fighting. Let me ask you. Let me just ask you a quick question. I mean, you look at you look at the Democrats who surrounded the table of the Senate majority leader and through his food out in the street in Kentucky. You look at them. They surround the table of Ted Cruz get right up in Ted Cruz, his face screaming and Henry asked to lead the restaurants around his wife. You didn't see any of the Democrats have been forced to denounce that. Right. The media wasn't in their faces. Go Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer announce away that Republicans are being treated. No. Because that's not a story. They want to cover. There is a double standard here. I would love for all of this to clean up. I would love for all that. But remember this is the same guy. That's on TV saying impeach. Impeach the president sign up with me pizza presents sign up with me. I'm running not million dollar ad sin pizza president because I don't like the president. That is a big problem. That's the part Mike that irritates me. I am saying that, you know, regardless what we say, the no expect people that they you know, that's justifying what what what went on just because we have a reasonable explanation or answered correctly. That is not right. I think I think that is very offensive to the people in this sensitive. Well, we say that word. Have a way of explaining and the let me break it down. Let me break it down even more. Just bluntly. All right. I'm assuming you're not a big fan of the president. I I am a big fan of. Justice and liberty for all. Okay. Or you didn't answer. You didn't answer. My question. It's not a trick question. Just asked you. You're not a big fan. You're not. You're not a big fan of the president. Right. Well, let me put it to you this way. I am a big fan of Justice. Exactly the same thing. Just said, that's exactly the same thing. You just said. So I'm going to ask you a third time. It is not a trick question. It's a simple question. Are you're not. You're not a fan of the president. Right. You're not a fan of the president. Right. You wanna justify as coupon? I'm not justifying anything. I'm just asking you a question. Mike. It's not a trick question. There you go. Hey, you wanna point the finger, man? Finger. I asked you a basic question. The question was are you are you not a fan of the president? And how he says that okay? I'm gonna move on. Because you're just I gave you a fair shot their answer a basic question. It's not a tough question to answer. My question. I was gonna ask you falling up to that wasn't is do we have the audio ready to the president responding the shooting at the synagogue? All right. Let's let's play that. Because my question I was gonna ask you was is the tone of the present on the shooting at the synagogue, not spot on exactly what you want from a president listened to Donald Trump. For me. Visit. Talk. Well, again, this has little to do with it. If you take a look if they had protection inside the results would have been far better. This is a dispute that will always exist. I suspect, but if they had. Some kind of protection inside the temple. Maybe you could have been a very much different situation. They didn't. And he was able to do things that unfortunately, he shouldn't have been able to do. I hear the police were outstanding. I heard the police did an incredible job in his, you know, numerous beliefs were badly injured, but again, law enforcement defend tastic job. Yeah. I mean, just just start with that. Right. There. They tried to turn this into an anti gun thing. They literally tried to turn into anti gun. You can hear the media that is this about the gun laws. It's about the gun while we don't know anything about that. We don't know anything about the gun laws in this. Where they're gonna laws broken. Well, then we found I think they were the guns are actually bought legally. But let's play in the guns. Let's not talk about Mr President. I mean, are you not gonna call for gun laws right now because of a shooting that's what they had to turn it into political his basic generic response, which we're gonna play for you coming up his initial response to the shooting was incredibly presidential. It was talking about bringing us together condemning the attack making it clear that the attack should never have happened. But then the then that, you know, the president says makes his his initial comments and they're like, all right. Well, that was really good. So let's try to let's try to turn this into something else has tried to transcend, some political. So now what we'll do is. What is say, hey, what do you think about gun laws, Mr President? Maybe that'll screw him. Maybe that'll turn this into political issue. And instead of uniting behind the fact the president condemned the attack. Amber, you're on the Ben Ferguson show. Nice to have you with us tonight. Go ahead. Hi, dan. How are you doing? Well. How are you? I am doing fantastic. First off. I think President Trump is doing very fantastic job. And I think that liver of liberals and Democrats sorry need to step off the Trump just a little bit. And let him do his job. We all put him in office for a reason, and that reason is handled do his job the Democrats and liberals are coming down on him so hard he's not able to do his job. I mean, look at how fast they tried to turn it into political. You have a shooting. You have people that you know, they don't even have we're gonna have funeral arrangements. The president does says something about bringing us together and denouncing its types of violence. And then they go, oh, let's ask them about gun laws. That'll get this divided quickly. Let's take let's let's let's take it off of the actual issue here, which is condemning this guy, that's pissing Vicksburg synagogue, suspect Robert Bowers, and and just coming together and supporting that community. No, no, no, no. Let's ask him a question about gun laws, which really at this moment is the last question that should be asked xactly the question that should be asked is how were the feel Howard? The families grieving are they able to are they able to even grieve because single time there's even any shooting at all. It's automatically. Oh, well, we got a gun problem. We have a gun. You know, we don't. Issue is all these people are sitting here. More worry about gun, then worried about the actual people that are victims and actually lose family. And that just makes me sick. It really does it come together as Americans. Well, when you have it when you have a tragedy that happens and you have the president gets a tone. Right. It's like the media's going I don't want to report on how well the president responded being presidential. I want to figure out a way to say Donald Trump says no to gun control laws after mass shooting. Yeah. Exactly. And he he's doing everything that he's supposed to be doing. He's more worried about the American families that are hurt worrying about what they're even saying in the press. I don't even watch CNN. No more. I don't watch. No media that is fake media because that's a pretty much all it is. It's fake media nowadays. It's I I don't know if it's fake media. I just think it's a bias media. I don't think it's. Biased media. I mean when you when you when you're trying to figure out how to get the president into a controversy because he got the because his response was so perfect. And the way that he said come together mean look at earlier this week when they were saying the president talked about these packages he said, there's no place in America for this to happen to Americans referred to the Democrats who were targets that were all Americans. There's no place for this. And then they come back after I'm going, well, the president's going to campaign rally, he'll say something at that campaign rally. They shouldn't have said, and then and then, you know, he's polarizing as well as I know, I know the president's tone was right, but but it's really his fault because he's the one that created this. And I it's not how he he is not even hem that created it's not like the president can control people and tell people, oh, hey act like this people are going to be people people were. Are some people are bad. Some people are good. I mean, he really can't just say, oh, these are the good people. We're getting keep them here and kick all the other ones out now, and what's wrong with having law and order exactly there's nothing wrong with having law and order, I think and orders fantastic and actually needs to be what how did you notice Nancy talk. A Jim Carey today. Donald Trump is is is. Kidnapping children. Jesus and got a big and got a got a huge. Applause from the left in Hollywood. Yes. That's right. Donald Trump's now kidnapping children the sanity that they will go to to Donald Trump is so pro Israel, so pro Jewish individuals, and they say, well somehow the shooting today is his our yesterday's his fault. How do you make that connection? This is a guy who's in favor of the group, you know, group of people. The only way you could possibly make connection is, you know, for a fact that person definitely hate Jewish people. And that person knows that Trump family, actually, converted to do duty is. Yeah. But that was facts don't matter rain, amber, you know, that they don't matter. One eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two..

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