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T. A contributor to our program. He's been on a lot lately because of the work he's doing is just fantastic. He's a contributing editor of City Journal, hey, is also the director of the center on Wealth and Poverty. He is a guy who is his really getting to the bottom of what is happening internally in places like Seattle but also in Washington. He was a guy who exposed the CDC for going ahead and and and disobeying a direct order. From the president to cancel their their critical race theory classes. He also uncovered three other sections of the government. That are also still doing it is if I'm not mistaken, Christopher, Have you heard an update? Are they still holding those air of those been canceled? They've been canceled. And you know, rough spot who is the director of the O M B has been really on a seek and destroy mission for these critical race, very programs and Within 24 hours of me reporting on these three agencies, which were EPA State Department on Veterans Administration, his team shut them down, and they even with some resistance, I'm told But they were ableto get these things canceled. So here's the thing because I've talked to rush and he is. He's great. He's he's doing Ah, Yeoman's work here, but If the president doesn't fire people. If we don't fire these people, they're not gonna learn anything there. There's no way that's going to teach that you, Khun, get away with anything. Until somebody like you comes along and exposes it. Yeah, That's right. I think it's it's very difficult that you know the civil service laws. Ah, are heavily favored towards kind of status quo, inertia and bureaucracy. It's difficult to fire folks, but the executive order that came out But yesterday or the day before yesterday, rather was quite striking because they built in some new enforcement mechanisms, all diversity and inclusion training programs throughout the federal government. Have to pass through the Olembe and the OPM for centralized approval. And then they're also instructing agency heads for managers who refused to comply and continue to do critical race theory training programs. They're instructed to begin adverse action proceedings, which is the first step into actually getting people fired or demoted or punished and I think that they know this and they're working kind of every lever that they can in order to build in some enforcement and building from accountability. You know, it's really amazing that you're going to have a president say this is this is a poison. That is killing our country. On and no one is to do this and you actually have civil servants who will take it upon themselves to not only continue it But they will act in direct defiance because they believe that it's good, I guess and they will help poison the nation and we can't fire them. I mean, it's That would never happen in the regular world. You you go against the CEO says Hey, I don't want anyone anyone making this product because it's poison. And we're you know, Tylenol, don't we don't make that and then somebody just going ahead and making it anyway. That person would be fired and never work again. Yeah, And that's exactly the problem because what we have now, and this is something that scholars of the Claremont Institute and elsewhere have long warned about. We have essentially 1/4 branch of government this permanent bureaucracy and they're operating with the attitude that unfortunately is true what they're saying. Well, the administration changes every four or eight years. But whatever happens, we're going to be here and we're gonna operate on our own ideology, our own rules. And frankly, they're kind of operating outside of the Constitution and saying very clearly, even when they got called out from my reporting, even when they got called out directly by Russia thought in the office of Management and Budget. My sources tell me that they were still define it. On the administration had to kind of use some some threats on the funding level, Um, in order to get clients, so we have an out of control bureaucracy that has been radicalized politically, and they're operating with no sense of consequences on even a sense of disdain for the politically elected leader of the executive branch, I. There's something my gut tells me and we're investigating so many other things that I haven't had time. Maybe a Maybe if you're just one of those people that are just like worms, and you just really like to just dig in and find stuff. Somebody should do an investigation on CDC because there's something wrong there. I don't know what it is. But the way they're they are so defiant. There's something happening there that I just don't I needs. It needs to be cleaned out. I don't know what it is, but maybe I'm wrong. Chris, Go ahead. I'll tell you exactly what I had. You know, my my source within the CDC who had sent me to whistle blower documents. You know, this person told me that, um, the culture and CDC has been ideologically radicalized there, pushing some of the most toxic elements of critical race series. And when these programs were canceled after Russell shut them down. This source described the atmosphere in the CDC. As of life a funeral because they were so disappointed that they couldn't be doing this. Tickle, Right reprogramming. That's frightening. Um All right, Chris, for I want to talk to you a little bit about see Seattle. The Seattle City Council. Overrode the mayor's veto to defund the police. So the mayor, Even the mayor is crazy. The mayor has even said no, no, no, We're not going. We're not going to cut that deeply. And the Seattle City Council overrode the veto. What does this mean for police and for Seattle? A couple of things, you know, I think it's actually a bit of a misconception nationally about the mayor Seattle Jenny Durkan. She is actually a quite moderate Democrat. She is obviously on the last, but she's on the sensible left. She's a former U. S attorney. She understands how the system works. She's really the on ly person that defending the police department. But she's really being kind of ripped apart by the City Council, which is kind of socialist and democratic socialist in nature, and they're moving forward with these plans. We're gonna have 100 less office 100 fewer officers on the street. Um And you know officers with Nspd tell me that the officers who are still remaining are bailing left and right because they see the writing on the wall..

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