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They get one last try and years, Nick Mullins four For the the wing. little twice around and out of the that the come to an end the giants winning twenty seven twenty three. Playing football. This is my love the deal. Great teammates of great support. And we came out with football game. And I told him that we've worked you hard not to feel the the joys of winning football game. Looking several games. We're gonna tamper with what happens after that Remember salvage. salvaging wouldn't say we gotta win games this as I was growing. I don't come here to lineup and lose we come here to winning. That's exactly the right thing to say. But here's the reality at the I favors. The giant six point seven gained vital 'cause they will finish the season with five and the number seven pick in the draft. So they bring Giffen interesting really came up in our three meeting this morning. We have a bunch of giant fans, and they were all be moaning the fact that the giants won this game because they're taking to even though it was not even a veil, but you're taking. Ever empowered Herber or whatever to do. So let me before I get to the athletes of the former pro athletes the table. Let me start with you to you for or against your team when your team is hopelessly out of it iron for them. And I think I take more of the player and coach standpoint specifically players, and maybe that's because I'm on the sideline as a reporter. And I see how hard these guys are working to win games. And I think for fans, Dan point, it's hard for me to look at it as a peer fan because I want them to speed. And they're in the throes of terrible as if you're to the point where you're rooting against the team, they feel like the wind is so allusive they can't even buy one into know that people are actually rooting for them to lose that. I cannot get on board with that at all. I would never do it. I think you always fan should be fan of your roof into one vote on that side get to the place. I've never done it. But if I was going to do it will have to be a perfect store. It would have to be my teams already out of it. Right. And a game changing prospect is going to be an address because you root for your team to lose. But if nobody is going to be a game, but in the Tate, it becomes relevant. So like you against the giants. But you can't tell me who you want them to pick. So that makes it a relevant to root against very I didn't didn't do. really waiting Similac on the breath working coming in this year. My team know as a full player I won't want the guys to go up to win every single week. And is so they didn't think they fall into it. But I'm not going. The lose. Only one with any sense at this table. We in the area of analytics, right? My team, for example, the New York Jets they enter trade up last year they had to give away other assets in order to move up to draft Sam darnold. It would have been awfully nice to have lost one more game last year that would have been otherwise completely meaningless in the larger picture and not after trade anything to be able to draft the quarterback. It's logic Just makes makes the lying. darnold onto the hall of fame. Pump the brakes on that. If he got a chance, I if the jets had taken saquon Barkley Todd Bowles with a kept his job we've been talking about this about that. I disagree with anything more than that. I wanted to talk. Warriors way down in this rankle. Back off the glass. Thirty points on twenty four and he was to get a. Dollar who had. Back to play. Ties the game. And now Jalen did we go? Quickly. What life is all about? The final four times champion already has. People. The best way what what's happening here. Hey, guys, did stamping one another..

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