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Reaction's continue after the major diplomatic agreement this week between Israel and the United Arab Emirates as they agree to normalize relations. The world's trying to decipher what that means for the Gulf region and what could be next. Daniel Shapiro served as U. S ambassador to Israel and the Obama administration, he says this step is welcome. But other regional powers may not be as ready to take this leap. Saudi Arabia would be obviously the most influential of the Saudi states. I think it's less likely that that will happen soon. There's a lot of Resistance to this notion in Saudi society. There's a Saudi leadership that includes both a young, uh very iconoclastic crap Crown prince but also older and more traditional King. A slain army soldier who the Defense Department says was killed by a fellow soldier in April was remembered Friday at a memorial in Houston. Mohr from ABC, Serena Roy We're just out that a mouse injected with covert 19 bit a researcher last April during test to better treat the disease was the University of North Carolina. The researcher followed a 14 days self quarantine and didn't develop any symptoms. Preempt battle and then you research scientist says lab mouse bites are not rare, and there are risks of transmission through saliva and possibly air droplets, she says. Sometimes mistakes do happen if you're gripping 200 to 300 animals a day, your hands can get tired. ABC Chuck Secrets, and this is ABC News. Balance of Nature Changing the world one life at a time. Facing just taking the balance of nature. I really feel like it just clean, old fashioned, feel better, and it's really a noticeable thing so that to me is significant..

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