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A in a year this just this statistic blew my mind The guy who runs packs full array yussef. I think has a really great talk at bitcoin. Twenty twenty one this past year or he was on a panel but he he dropped a statistic. That just blew my mind. I knew it was high. But i just had no fucking clue there. Were over two billion dollars in remittances cross Into nigeria and that fell within the banking system as bitcoin skyrocketed that fell to fifty five million fifty five million from two billion and it is because of the peer to peer bitcoin market. So it's now it's the government losing not being able to get their narrow banks on freaking out right now over there being like what in the hell is happening like people are just plugging into this open source global system that you know where used to have a banking licence in one hundred million dollars in insurance funds and you had to know yet suck at least two politicians dicks to to become a bank and now some fourteen year old kid is writing fifty lines of code and just ruining us like the disruption of the internet all over again. It's just happening in money and banking. Yeah that is really beautiful to think about what those boardroom meetings must be like. Well i think that one of the things. That's really exciting about the prospect of spreading awareness of bitcoin in the united states. Right now and obviously these are really important. Examples that you're giving in places like nigeria sure need it But you know the the truth is that we are right now. listen forget. The potential of a currency collapsed which is very real. I mean very real in this country. And we're we're down playing. We're playing around with this currency in a way that i don't think you could find an example of a country playing around with their currency way. We are where it doesn't collapse So i i would still stick with the ron paul. You know Position that it is a matter of when not if But people are really people are really living through real price inflation right now and you know. Scott horton got. It was great. He was on kennedy last night and he made this point that you know they were having video available. Yeah yeah he. He posted it. If you look on twitter you can find it. He posted it. He made the point at one at one point where they're talking about how joe biden's approval ratings are going down and they're all blaming it on the afghanistan thing and he's like listen probably has very little to do with afghanistan he goes. This is about the price inflation which is a result of the monetary inflation which is coming off already bad economy because of the lockdowns and people are noticing that the prices of housing and food and gas. and all of these things are skyrocketing. And that's and the more that you're in that situation where people are made aware of how you know how weak their money is. That's when you're gonna get a more fertile environment for these type of you know like ideas to spread so there's something very exciting about that and you know. Look i mean obviously to be a selfish american here. You know my my number. One concern is like what what could save our country in the event of a currency collapsed and in the event of moore naked authoritarianism which were certainly move as many american realm baker and his possible. Yeah But i i actually think i i think. Bitcoin is a potential resurgence of the the american dream of the the mentality and the philosophy of just that wild west of our. We're just gonna. We're just going to replace everything like it's not working. We're we we..

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