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Of all the yet the route aircraft all is out of his job but audit way out the right side is cloudy across a thirty five yard lot of golf left the baker head ross bald jet riyadh cloudy that's at all what a short week players in the coach's room for the whole team did just specifically to that side of the bulk jessica should i thought they did a really nice job play an article back and claimed good fundamental these these afterhours which he lawrence the voice of bill o'brien who must be relieved he starts the rookie this shawn watson the texans offense played mildly better but still only manage thirteen points however a road win is they road win is a road win in the nfl and despite losing both of his starting corner backs during the game and jj what playing with a mangled finger the defense gets a big fumble recovery and return from two davian cloudy who said he did not see andy dalton and he's a little embarrassed but he got tackled by a quarterback how fuddy the things that would embarrass you in the nfl being tackled by a kicker or a quarterback oh my goodness anyway so you heard that that fumble and run back with mark vandermeer on the houston texans radio network and then in addition to that the defense was able to squash whatever the bank goes try to do in the reds obey goes were over three in the red zone and part of that was still looking out of saying khin and disjointed any dole missing here's receivers like aj green he did have a fantastic connection with aj green a fifty yard or downfield in which green who is his top receiver stops at a dime in the midst of three defenders climbs the ladder halls in the the catch and i'm thinking that could be that type of play that jumpstart your offense and give it some life but yet there were other moments where he flat out missed is receiver there was a lack of communication tyler i urge stepped out of the end zone then comes back in to make a catch which of course is illegal you can't be the the only person who touches the ball once you come in from out of bounds.

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