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We got the situation unfolding with a ran from earlier today. Shooting down an unarmed drone international waters. We got some deep state news. Thanks to Judicial Watch. Another three hundred and forty five pages of yes, struck page, texts, and emails, and they're extraordinarily revealing. We got the Biden campaign falling apart, right before arise, and much much more. As we kick off the program today. We have former speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. Oh, we're going to fund later to Gary woodland. Wow. You see him in the US open, and did you see his love and support and patriotism on display? He partnered with Puma and he just he just an amazing store. Sorry. And we'll have some fun with him. Looking forward to that coming up. I want to start with a Aram because look a lot is hap-. I listened very, very closely as we speak. We just had at the White House. We had speaker name only Pelosi now can I clarify one thing Linda, I guess I have to clarify because the media is so dumb. Don't don't you think I need to clarify this because it was written a hundred times today. Sean Hannity has conspiracy theory that Nancy Pelosi is not the speaker. He says she speaker in name only, but she's not really the speaker that Alexandria, Cossio Cortez is the speaker. Linda can they really be that dumb? I'm just I'm just trying to. Yes, indeed. They can. Okay. So when I say, speaker a name only what I'm referring to is the fact that Nancy Pelosi scared to death of Cossio, Cortez, as apparently are all these twenty twenty candidates now is it obvious? Or they just that dumb that they think that I really believe that a Cossio Cortez is speaker. But there's not telling anybody. It's a tough choice there. I'm not really sure I think that I think there's some people on the left of the fake news media, who really just, you know, the light bulbs gone a little dim. I just wanna make headlines with your name. Okay. You know, but you knew what I meant everybody that everyone Kylie. You knew what I meant Ethan. Right. J C on everybody stagnated. Sweet baby knew everybody knew okay? I wasn't saying a Cossio Cortez's speaker. You idiots. They're so dumb. Sean hannity. The president disagreed with us conspiracy theory. I'm like reading, Mike. Oh man. You people are so dumb. But whatever. So anyway. We have this drone taken out now this is on the heels remembered, let me, let me backtrack. We have one huge, massive advantage that we have never had as it relates to energy, and which is the lifeblood of our economy. If you go back to the first Gulf war, and, you know, Kuwait and, and the hostilities there and you go back to that, remember, a lot of this always came down to the free flow of the lifeblood of every Konami oil at market prices. So that a few crazy regimes that were getting awfully rich because they had a monopoly even though we have more energy more oil more natural gas more coal. The means by which we would never need a drop of oil ever again. Especially from countries that hate us. We've always had the ability. We've always had it. But now we've we've discovered even more and are discovering more every day. And with pipelines, now the Dakota pipeline on on track again and the keystone excel pipeline on track. And, and more finally opened up. And, you know, fracking is, is transformed energy for this country? Clean burning natural gas. I bought a truck once from was an old providence gas company truck van I paid two hundred bucks for it. The best, two hundred bucks I ever spent, and it had run at seventy five thousand miles on it when I got it, and I kept it for years, a little body damage, but I didn't care. It didn't affect anything with the truck, but they switched back to gas. But, you know you can run the combustion engine on natural gas. I mean, that's if we want to switch, we can switch and it's fairly easy to do because this is going back to the early eighties that they did this anyway, so we don't we're. Not as dependent on this foreign oil. We're now energy independent for the first time in seventy five years, that's a big deal. If not, you know, I'm not sure if the president what's happened is the president sanctions on Iran are having a dramatic impact on their economy. Now, I know Biden and Obama would probably just drop another one hundred fifty billion in cash in other currencies and say, please, please, like us, if we give more money pretty pretty please. That's never going to work with maniacal radical Islamic extremists that mullah's in Iran, the chant death to Israel death to America and always threaten to wipe Israel off the map. But the straits of Hormuz, you know, if you look at the shipping lanes for a lot of the oil, the, the world's oil, you know, the Iranians can cause a lot of trouble. It's not as strategically important now. Since Donald Trump's president. Well, that gives us leverage that gives us, we don't need to act, as fast as we may otherwise act or jump in as fast as we may. Otherwise jump in, we could be far more strategic in other words, the president and I love this part of the president. Why are we going to? Telegraph what we're going to do now. The president, of course, in front of the fake news media, did what do you what do you do? You have. And the president kept saying, you'll see you'll see. And you know, it's very important that we get this, right. Let me tell you what's most important in all of this. The world is watching the world is watching here. In other words, Russia is watching because they've created their alliance with they Iranians. And then, you know Putin Wang. We better not do anything China's watching in oh, Kim Jong UN is watching the world is watching. All of them are watching, and it's important that we understand what we do. We gotta get it. And get it. Right. That's what's important here. So this is what the president said in front of the fake news media, and their breathless questioning of the president earlier today. This drone was in international waters. Clearly, we have it all documented, it's documented, scientifically not just words and they made it very bad mistake. Okay. You'll find out he'll find out. Sleeve. His. To be talking too much about it. You're gonna find that they made a big mistake. And I think probably Iran made a mistake, I would imagine it was a general or somebody that made a mistake in shooting that drone down. And fortunately, that drone was unarmed. It was not. It was no man in it. And there was no, it was just it was over international clearly, over international what is, but we didn't have a man or woman in the dome. We had nobody in drum would've made a big difference. Let me tell you what made a big big inference, but I have a feeling I may be wrong, and I may be right, but I'm right on that. I have a feeling that it was a mistake made by somebody that shouldn't have been doing what they did. They made a mistake. And I'm not just talking to the country mistake, I think that somebody under the command of that country made a big. Let's see what happens. She just. Let's see what happens older workout. Intention. No, I find it hard to believe. It was intentional. If you wanna know the truth, I think that it could have been somebody who was loose and stupid that. Able to report back and you'll understand exactly what happened, but it was a very fully move that I can tell you now I'm I think I know the president while the president's very was very clear as a candidate. Right. So we got to look at the president's past actions and, and promises and the things you know what, how was he kept to has he been faithful to his promises as their fidelity to promises, and what is the president's position on foreign entanglements in this particular case is something we've got to examine now. He gave a list of supreme court Justice nominees that he would like to appoint to the US supreme court. You check check. He did that he wanted the biggest tax cut in history Cecchi to that the president wanted to get rid of all of care, but he had weak Republicans, but he did get rid of the individual mandate, which was a big deal. Check the president also wanted energy independence, probably asked him that question. More than anybody else in the media in the lead up to the election. Because anyone that has listened to the show for years, drill here, drill now, pay less, you know, that was the campaign and partnering with oil and energy companies, too. So people can get high paying jobs, eighty thousand dollars. You get trained to drive a truck that it was important to me. We're, we're changing people's lives. And this is just the beginning. If we really, really dig deep into energy independence, and more. It's going to be great for raising the standard of living for Americans. Now, what was the president's position on Israel and Jerusalem? Yeah, he did that to then they moved the capital from Tel Aviv, and Golan Heights. Yeah. He did that too. And he promised to get out of the Iranian deal. These sanctions are largely responsible for the Iranians actions. Now off their coast than these two tankers that got hit. That was them. That was the revolutionary guard. And now taking out a drone American drone. And international waters, the president's very clear that he doesn't wanna get into long entanglements where less likely to have that happen, because we are where we are today, he said, oh, yeah, Aranh made a very big mistake shooting down that US drone in international waters over the straits Hormuz, and he said, no, I'm not going to stand for that same time. He left open the possibility he opened a door. He opened the door that said, you better take responsibility blame somebody because if you don't stop, they're going to be hit so hard so fast and nobody's going to know the moment it's going to happen. That's my prediction, and he said, these comments along Canadian alongside Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. Find it hard to believe. It was intentional could have been someone who has loosened stupid, you know, acting on their own not as the president really believe that I don't my guess, is no. But I think the president is giving them an opportunity to think, because if the weight, the might the power the majesty even of the United States. Military is unleashed the way I think Donald Trump would do it versus the way say, more conventional, or establishment, presidents would do it. I think he is going to bomb the living daylights out of them now. That's my thinking on it, but he's not gonna let you know, and he said this mistake, and we're not going to stand for it. And one thing I think if let's look at the president's track record does. He mean what he say. What he says. Yes, does he fulfil promises. Yes. Does he want long international entanglements in the Middle East? No, a we less vulnerable in terms of now that we've become energy independent for the first time in seventy five years, it's less important house, but it is an.

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