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But when big baby glenn davis start selling weed allegedly he didn't even say allegedly he just said he was gonna get his day in court i'm seeing from me not you at no no point in his video to try and disprove anything did he actually disprove anything in fact i argued he proved it further with his video doing life now he i said in my blog it looked like he was like the movie villain who knows like the the guy in like inspector gadget who just sits with the cat like that guy you just know is always gonna get his plans foiled and lose two and big baby with like as to who has a briefcase full of money like no legal transactions have ever gone now of the briefcase full of money i'm owning a brew faced with money right now as the tom and jerry's cousin these vix come storming in shoulder i if you found this house out watching the games and was like big baby got a risk i cela we and i was like big baby dram but was the first big oh no that would make that would make more sense a lot more sent big davis no like not only have the the briefcase not everytime you see like someone carrying around tons of cash it's always unlike louis vitton backpack always never a briefcase like charlie sheen in the eighty s going to buy a bunch of cocaine.

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