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Zone i'm jim rupe it's eleven before the hour a baseball game attendee at yankee stadium was ejected for yelling out where the batter could expect the next pitch joe ramsey has more on the foul fan two s network in what appears to be a normal a bad for yankees get your gary sanches in new york six two one win over tampa bay pars leaving somebody to the screen bar dan beleno had a fair and remove the upper does have control to be able to throw out a fancy inches and raise catcher wilson rama say the fan had been yelling in span his outside outside rama says the spectators shell for accurate both managers praised the unusual ajax you i'm joe ramsey ten til talking more baseball as the playoff picture comes into focus here's robert workman nine out of the ten teams are in place now in the national league yesterday the cubs defeated the cardinals five wonder wrap up the nl central title for a secondstraight season addison russell belted a threerun homer chicago the first defending world series champ to reach the playoffs the following season since 2012 and the cardinals made the wild card and they're the first champ to come back and when it's division since the '09 phillies it's really hard to build a dynasty these days phillies beat the nationals seven five era knelt air tied the game of the two run tripled then came around the swore the goahead run washington will host chicago when the nld vision series begins next friday dodgers normal the padres tend to nothing richhill struck out ten over seven innings to relievers added another four case while allowing just three hits among them yossi i'll tweet went deep herta's granderson and cory segar went back to back los angeles will take on the winner of the nl wildcard game in the other division series starting next friday diamondbacks down the giants four to three scoring three times in the bottom of the ninth off sam dyson the winter coming in on a basesloaded walk to david peralta san francisco still needs one more win to avoid one hundred losses on the year old and giants righthander matt cain says after his start coming up on saturday he's calling it a career thirteen years all the same for him three allstar games and of course three world series rings to arizona's going to host.

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