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There was no way for the yankees. The yankees could guarantee themselves along window of success unless the player development was on point. They don't have a young core anymore and even the youngest position player on the team. Tourists has shown no signs of regression strong signs of aggression or has shown signs of regression. Yeah it would've been nice for them to go with a heightened urgency in two thousand eighteen thousand nineteen because the team seems worse now than it was then. I know it's only fifteen games. But i feel like a started. A decline and decay of a new age group of yankees. And i'm very depressed. Thinking about are my thoughts and feelings valid. Or should i stay off the weed. I don't think shawn's wrong in the sense that the team feels like it's declined from eighteen. Nineteen there's a couple of things here. They they exceeded expectations. I've talked about expectations a thousand times here but with in seventeen they were sixteen even when they when a lot of these guys came up. They weren't supposed to do what they did seventeen. They weren't supposed to. They weren't supposed to go as far as they went. I mean they were damn near You know they actually were close to the world series at that point so when you start to see regression happened in the postseason right. We haven't gotten as far as they got in two thousand seventeen. So there's there is an actual regression on the team level if you look at if you look at Just what you've accomplished in the playoffs. Because that's what matters so certainly there's regression and yes. They're getting older. You're not seeing the same the same numbers that you've seen from these guys in their first couple years So i think that. There's there was an expectation that these guys were going to after seventeen to take off and and win multiple championships at that point. And i think that was not a a wrong thing to think either because when you have a bunch of young guys who also had one in the minor leagues together. They had that led the koumba. There was a lot of lot of good synergy happening. Construction felt good and seventeen. Some of the older veterans as well going into eighteen. Felt like they had the the the experience they felt like. They you know they were able to take that next up and it's just not happened. Just not happened so yeah. These are very natural feelings and definitely. There's two year window where we're going to start resigning guys with boone and then cashman also important. It's an important window and these are the years that were supposed to be glare. Tories blossoming blossomed. Blossoming into a superstar. And he's seemingly regressing. I know it's early for him. But he had a bad twenty twenty and it just like we're supposed to see him taking off not flattening out. Definitely i mean. I think that goes across with a with a few guys i mean. Aaron judge You know so far this year. So good but hasn't been able to stay on. The field stanton has regressed based on the guy that we thought we were getting. We know we'd gary sanchez has gone stanton. People were disappointed with his twenty eighteen. You realize he played one hundred and fifty games. Hit thirty eight home runs. And how many home runs did he hit. Hit a one thirty eight. Wrc plus just like he had a great season in two thousand eighteen. It just wasn't. Mvp and people are like disappointed and now look warious. It's crazy well. i think i'm not even speaking about two thousand eighteen but more. So you know kind of where he is. And i think the expectations for him still massive right thirty contracts going to be dog shit and we're gonna be eating horrible either. He's not going to be playing not going to be on the team or and or the yankees are going to be doing doing what they do with aron and eating the money. He played one hundred fifty eight games. A lot of them were at d. h. but a good amount of them are also in the field he hit thirty eight home runs. Hit one hundred. Rbi he scored one hundred runs. He had four point three war in one twenty eight. Wrc plus okay. Like that is an all-star caliber player and since then he can't stay on the field he can't make contact with pitches. He hasn't produced anything more than point. Four war in a season and he can't play the field so what happened. I don't know that's that's the that's the point here. Do you have the superstar guys with long contracts and then you have the younger guys who who are getting into those those those meet years where you're supposed to get really good value because of arbitration and you'll have to sign them yet and they're just not taking advantage of those years and that's a problem. That's that's what needed to happen. That's how you bolster. That's how you make a run and you get multiple championships. Get do it when they're all ready for a contract because it's just not going to happen. You re dunkin. I get this one. Hey guys are from dunkin hey guys. Uk yankees fan who recent who really started following in two thousand seventeen taking in a game at the stadium being a a a fairly recent covert. I don't always understand some of the thinking in baseball especially behind the scenes. I'm a lifelong soccer fan supporting aston villa via totally butcher. That i'm sure in the english. Premier league also followed by prince william. Tom hanks and the janitor from harry potter did not know that. And i can't help relating the yankees occurred situation to any the top soccer teams where the managers take the offer consistent underperform. It's boone would no longer be in a job. Having three full seasons with limited success playing tactically. which clearly aren't working and having roster which he doesn't seem to know how to deploy in the best way. The team as a whole looks out a format. Negative and seems totally unable to motivate themselves soccer phrases. He has lost the dressing room. Which would be a clubhouse lost. The dressing room is playing for him. They're not playing for him. He would be gone in a shot. Would would it not be best for the organization to make the change now so that they have a different mindset coming in at the top with new energy new processes and to reenergize the players. We've talked about this a lot. It's just think about the yankees since one thousand nine hundred six brunner's the third manager since nineteen ninety-six that is incredible consistency. In your manager teams. Do not do that. Even successful teams do not have managers that last a decade plus the red sox have turned through managers. The mets go through nine managers every three and a half years. Other teams are hiring and firing guys. Even i think the only other kind of organization you can compare it to is the angels because mike social was there for just forever up but they. They only won one championship. So under mike socia-. So i i just think the yankees after george. Steinbrenner stopped making all the decisions. The new steinbrenner's hal. Hal steinbrenner and brian cashman there. They believe you need consistency at the top instead of volatility at the top. I'm not saying they're wrong. But i'm also not saying that right. You know sometimes you have to. You have to cut the cord when you think. It's the right time to cut the cord. I'm not and i think with boone if he doesn't win this year if they flame out in the playoffs again. Meaning they don't win the pennant series. You're not moving on from him. But if they don't win the pennant again and it's the same old shit with this team. I think you seriously have to consider moving on. Because you don't have long with this team. Where you have to win a world series and boone but might just not be the guy so i'm gonna read lee jones's back to you because it goes right into the sea said. Hey guys that includes you too. Bob socci here we go. I love the kind of love it. I know that this is your fantasy. But indulge me if the yankees would fire boone and you could replace him with whoever you wanted no restrictions whatsoever who you replace them with so my dad. Let's let's play it out besides your dad Besides roast master rick. Who are you making. Look i. I have a hard time hard to come up with names. I have a name. But it's not one if i'm looking around the league i'm not pulling somebody off. So he said no restrictions. but i'm gonna. i'm gonna change the game a little bit. Someone who could be realistic coming in you. Change the game for what the yankees are doing..

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