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The hope is he's gonna be ready to go and he's gonna be Todd Gurley. Now part of it is dictated by the fact that I mean, if if the patriots defense sets edges the way New Orleans did Todd Gurley is really a guy who likes to get out around the edge. He's not an up up the middle guy. And now that you've got a guy like C J Anderson who's a bowling ball who rolls right up the middle. A lot of those touches are not taken by Anderson. I think this is where the Rams diversity comes in on offense comes in handy because the book on Bill Belichick is he. Always takes away one thing like your go-to thing. Yes. If like, but what is that for the Rams? Well, like if Bill tried to take one thing away. What would he pick? Well on the Dallas game. They were in the hell on the ball right in the New Orleans game. They through the hell out of the break. I don't think the Rams have a they don't have a guy like gronk, for example. Right. That you could say all right. We're not gonna let like the saints. The the Rams defense clearly said, all right? We are not letting Michael Thomas beats. Yes, we're taking him off the borough the house out of if you were going to take someone off if you take Brandin cooks the board, then Robert woods and Josh Reynolds have a big. Yes, if you take Tyler higby off the board Gerald Evert as if you take girly off the board. Janitors and vice versa. You could target Goff and come after him. But if Gough if you come You're on on the the ball. time you run it. Yeah. That's one thing. The Rams at the best offense in the league for the first eight weeks balance. And now, I think that comes in hand. Yeah. They got a lot of balance or not and easy thing to say the saints. You could say Michael Thomas is is killing up now with the Rams there. They have no girly used to be like the thing. You would try and take away they won without girls. They won without him. And they won without him. Getting a lot of touches. All right coming up next, and Greg you say, I think. I think Mark Barron is Mark Sharon supposed to join us next..

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