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Public, health, Seattle and king county's investigating a new measles, case with possible exposures in King County, the King County resident woman in her forties spent time at sites and King County before she knew she was contagious. This is the third King County case identified this month, adding to the total of six reason. Measles cases in Washington state residents. At this point the recent cases point to a common exposure from an unidentified person contagious with measles, April twenty fifth at seatac airport. Police chase down two men in a car this afternoon at shoreline after a robbery and attempted kidnapping started Ryan Abbott with the King County sheriff's office tells us bystanders called police after seeing a man getting beaten up by two other men, the parking lot of the Aurora village Costco, there was a. Pursuit food pursuit in last too long. The ticket corner was unable to in the deputy was able to ram vehicle in order to get to stop it. Stop to one seventy fifth and Aurora and police wound up tasing one of the guys after he tried to run. The victim is okay. Abbott says, at least one of the men was arrested in. We'll face several charges in Everett. A homeless man has pleaded guilty to an apartment fire that killed an elderly woman, and forced people to jump from balconies to escape the flames commas Patrick Quinn was in the courtroom today, one year old William Matthews. A homeless man was vocal. He was aware of his plea and the long term consequences that brings pleading guilty to, I agree, manslaughter, and arson after torching an apartment complex backtrack. December twenty seventeen you may remember this fire I was there on the ground and those inside were jumping off the.

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