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And you got an uphill battle. I know you got a shortcut. You gotta cheat code and Trevor Laurence. Maybe Trevor Laurence is so good. Urban Meyer can do silly stuff like this. Trip and fall and a winning record and Ah great NFL coaching career because he's got a quarterback. That's just gonna be marvelous. That's too good to screw up. That's too big to fail. Maybe I mean, that's possible. I really like Trevor Laurence, but I'm not breaking any new ground there. I don't think he's gonna be a bust. But I think his head coaches Kuku right now. Tim Tebow is a tight end. Who does that benefit. Who wants to watch him embarrass himself Who wants to go? So wherever they're staging training, campus it over in England. Is it across the pond? Is he eating fish and chips in the morning and having ah English breakfast tea and then getting his butt kicked in practice. Who wants to watch that? Who thinks Urban Meyer shows up scratches his head and says, You know what? Eureka! Let's put Travis et en it wide receiver. He thinks this is a good idea. Some coaches, some people in lightning to stay in their lane. Urban Meyer. Go do TV Go Coach in college football team Go take the go Take the USC job when I become when it opens up, Don't go toe. I'll go to the Jaguars and embarrass yourself and embarrassed Tim Tebow because that's what's happening here. Tim Tebow as a tight end. Seriously. What's the end game that he's doing? Jump passes against the Colts. If you wanted a mentor ship program. Trevor Laurence. If Tebow in Urban Meyer, our neighbors, which I keep hearing that they are, I have trouble. Lawrence eat at Urban Meyer's house once a week and invite Uncle Tim over for dessert. Haven't talked to him then. Have him throw the football in the backyard together Now, you might. You know that might be tough, though that might be against the rules. Some of the provisions in trouble Lawrence's contract cause you know that Tebow is going to throw the ball over his head and at his legs, and he's going to go run and chase it. You know, there's not gonna be a lot of spirals there when Tebow is throwing it back to Trevor Lauren, so that might not be The best way for them. Have a chat. And for Trevor Laurence to pick Tim Tebow is brain. I would We just saw an NFL player Juwan James. Get hurt on his own time and get cut, You know, having forbid Tim Tebow and Trevor Laurence go have a catch with one another and Trevor Laurence strain something trying to jump up and catch one of those errant duck throws. Them cheap from Tim Tebow. We wouldn't want that. That would be really stupid. So look, the Jaguars My goodness. It's been so long since we've talked about them with a straight face. We've actually looked at them as NFL team that's worthy of some national pub here on CBS Sports Radio, But you can't help yourself. You don't know whether to cry or laugh when you look at this, Urban Meyer We got excited about Urban Meyer refund He hired a coach. He had to immediately fire He's putting Tim Tebow a tight and he's putting travesty. TN it wide receiver. That stupid like a fox. I think that's just plain dumb. I've already got people tweeting me saying the Tebow thing. Is a win win. Explain it to me, then tell me all that's a win win. Who does that benefit. Fans who want to go to training camp or watched him play. 20 snaps in the fourth quarter of a third preseason game. That's a win. I think it's a joke. And it's not even that funny 855 to 1 to four CBS 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. The Jags are making players change positions again. Is this the mark of a good coach? Urban Meyer? We know so many of you out there. In big places where were clear, But we're on the air right now. Ohio and Florida and college football fans really nationwide have strong takes on urban Meyer. What is this guy doing? Is he making a mistake by bringing in Tim Tebow is a tight end. Making travesty. Tana wide receiver. What's he gonna do next? Make make Trevor Laurence and inside linebacker. 855 to 1 to four CBS 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. I'd love to hear from you next. I'm coming to you from the rocket mortgage studios when you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process rocket can My name is Andrew Phillip Pony. The show is the Pony Express. I want your take on to bow to the Jags in a new position in a new position for their first round running back, And if Urban Meyer is gonna work, it's an.

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