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This'll be one of my. Yeah. Let's go on God. She's twenty one. I'll. I wanna talk to the parents of the PI brother, his guy all all the folks in this. What's up what's up on this? What's out very weirdly to Adam? So he was holding a copy of the catcher in the rye when he murdered her. She's Wichita on the roof of building as he fled any insists. It's only coincidental. Because Mark David Chapman also care catcher. In the Ryan, I can't become incident. Now, no. And what's up? I don't know my daughters turned thirteen and a couple of months. She was explaining me last night. There's a big one need a lot of stuff. Don't let her read catcher in the right? But I don't know she wanted to be coming in Basseterre and go on the world tour, probably go hang out discounts gardens longer. It's also weird. When people let their kids go out on tour. You know, I mean noble cause and everything little back to the Michael Jackson documentary. Right. How why why the parents why why was good idea? You was it. A was it like a private jet or six passengers on a private like Lear jet all of them died, including the two members of the crew from where to wear to do what I'll let you look up that. But anyway, so I don't know you guys have fun trying to figure out life. I'm done. I rest warning. Oh, talking about criminals scam. Emails that come with an attachment label tax account transcript or something similar and a subject line with a phrase like tax transcript looks like a tax return summary. Very tempting dope and do not open it. It's malware..

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