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For a potentially so pretty skies especially during the morning hours many yards looks good we'll talk in an hour yeah yep the good news and the bad news about the Cova de nineteen a pandemic here in Florida yesterday the department of health said here in South Florida none of the new cases none of the dude no deaths were from South Florida that is good news for all of us here the fact that there were only twenty nine hundred twenty six new cases and twelve deaths statewide also good news but you look at the trends throughout this thing there's usually significant drop offs and all the reporting new cases tests that's all on Sundays and Mondays and then you see the numbers pick up again on on Tuesday makes sense less people putting in less information over the weekend things like that so we'll see what happens today overall since this thing started we had a more than one point six million tests here in Florida about six point two percent of the overall this season to start six point two percent of them have been positive that is up in just a week from five point two percent is that what it's only about percent to percent in a week in the overall number that's significant yesterday's positivity rate in the entire state sixteen point one percent that's bad the experts tell us five percent is about the baseline where you want to be ten percent start worrying sixteen point one percent yesterday in the state in South Florida the overall positive rate has been about eight point eight percent ten percent Miami Dade a percent Broward Miami Dade though showing a surge with the average last two weeks at eleven percent again five percent is where you want to be Miami Dade had seventeen percent positive test yesterday seventeen percent on Saturday another sixty two covert patients admitted to hospitals one hundred sixty five nine one hundred sixty nine new covert patients admitted to Miami Dade County hospitals in the last week that has led about a dozen cities in Miami Dade County including Miami Hialeah Evans or derail others now requiring people to wear masks not sure what that means or how they're gonna enforce this but obviously the leaders like Miami Dade like city Miami mayor Francis Suarez are concerned about these latest trends we are extremely concerned that hospitalizations are up ventilators are up ICU patients are up awhile death remain low for the time being obviously that's a number that oftentimes will lag behind us some of these other numbers so again they're now requiring I'm either ending use the word really mandate requiring people to wear masks in these cities Miami beach mayor Dan Gelber said it's up to the public the control the spread of the virus it would not be responsible to rely on irrational optimism that this is all.

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