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And how can be harmful to kids. There's a new study pretty big study claims. It's all poppycock. What about my screen time depends on if you're being a producer or consumer oftentimes your screen time. Producers very hurtful very hurtful to the world harmful. No, I'm taking that back. No, no way is very very. Very very much the way Arps, you're all good. Everything's fine. So we're going to dig into that. But before we do that coming up that'd be three fifteen before we do that we talked with Tracy Taylor last week about a certain stretch of road. I five in Tacoma gone through Tacoma. And she mentioned something my wrecks in five months all of which had to do with tractor trailers them every single one of them. Yeah. And so now we're up to six wreck site. So I went back, and I did the research this morning. So we had a to Rex starting on October of two thousand eighteen one on the first one on the eleventh. Then we had a wreck in December December eleventh as well. Also same area semi-truck we had one we had to this month. So again, I mean, we're we're just stacking things up when it comes to truck drivers driving through southbound I five at highway sixteen and this is a construction zone currently active, right? Yes. And this is the pro can you explain the problems? Might not have heard you last week. So when you're coming through that area. It's a very very narrow margin of error. I mean, the barriers are there. You've got a one inch and DOT says it's up to it's up to par. It's up to scare the driving over the Aurora bread. Yeah. Yeah. We got a text from a truck driver. Who said, yeah. I I'm driving a twenty five Trump ton truck or something and I have one inch of clearance and the Washington State Department of non transportation as I see it has said, yeah, it's all good. We're not changing anything and it just reminded everybody. This is the same Washington State Department transportation his own documents said don't build a high speed rail. There don't do it. It was her own documents. Don't do it. The train tracks aren't ready, but oh that delicious federal money than they did it in three people died. I'm just praying that none of our neighbors are hurt or killed or hurt. It's just stunning to hear wash dot se. We have no plan to address this. So this morning we heard from state patrol. State patrol did say that the driver was driving one too fast for the conditions. So he was cited for that. At three thirty in the morning. I got to work at two-thirty any it was driving rain coming into work now at three thirty. It was still very heavy rain and through that area. There is a lot of standing water. Now, I'm not gonna make any excuses. I'm not gonna say anything. I'm just saying it's become a concern. And a concern not only for drivers in that area. But for for everyone involved, I would only suggest this if this is a private company either adding results like this. I think the state would jump in speaking of private companies rake, Tracy, speaking of private companies, Boeing consult all of this for us, and they're up microcosmic tech guy. Gadget guy. Boeing is gonna come to the rescue of transportation all around the district because we're getting our Jetsons on this has been Ogle. There's so much please do not put ceilings upon me. Hey, todd. Do you wanna go into Thomas vehicle with me? Well, no, would you like to go in a new autonomous helicopter? You what not going to do the autonomous thing? Eric's sabia Thomas cruise. That would be. Yes, that's exactly what I want. Thomas Lee floating in a floating prison. So if the Thomas vehicles are actually going to be Thomas and not controlled by, you know, our betters in corporate America in governance, and you crony capitalism and all that I'd be in talk to us about the floating cars have these are actually going to be controlled by the trilateral commission. So with that. A member. Are they shaped like a rug? They are shaped like a rug. They will track all of your heartbeat even Todd good. It's Boeing is is bought a company specifically to advance this this is Boeing working with and maybe researching with Uber defined self rather a Thomas flying taxis. There's a variety of designs out there. But Boeing just did in Virginia its first test flight of its economist vehicle Thomas flying taxi, it turned out pretty good according to Boeing, and so there, you know, but they have obviously not this is not ready for market yet. But it's probably going to be ready for market. They're thinking within five years. They can really move this technology ahead, and it's going to allow people to bypass this horrible traffic in places like Seattle. You don't we should do is before the floating cars come from Boeing Newburgh. We should take like forty thousand dollars from the average taxpayer and have pay for you train where it's locked to the is locked to the ground. That's. Eighteen fifties technology. Let's double down. Let's make it ninety million on that since the foreign cars are on the way there's going to be people just like you that will not get into an autonomous vehicle. Lumpy? Misunderstood will not get into Uber air when it then they'll they'll let me just clarify. This is clarify this all it's not the vehicle have a problem with right? It's not the autonomy. Now on the roads. I will always choose to drive myself because I like to drive Mike, you're motorcyclists. You know, the thrill of the chase. I don't think you're gonna give that up. That's a heartbeat thing for you this part. Thrill of the chase. But I don't know. Driving your bike. So I do it entirely because I enjoy it. Of course, I car together. You would choose to drive. You would offer to drive you like the dry do. And I think you're I'm sure you're fine driver. I my concern is not the autonomous vehicles. It's the fact that they're not going to be autonomous that we're going to be put on a grid and shipped. And that's all I'm just you know, what I'm really a guy who just doesn't.

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