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W. W. Jason Williams sitting in the big chair today sticking with our local politics theme of the first hour here what it wasn't why old wild week in local political news what and one of the one of the big news stories like this week was that we that we didn't expect was that since a vice mayor Chris for Smitherman announced that he was dropping out of the twenty twenty one mayor's race yes I said twenty twenty one I am so focused on twenty twenty right now I can't even it's so hard to get your mind around the fact that were already talking about twenty twenty one in the Cincinnati city council mayors race but that is bright yes it's already here no one knows city hall in city politics better than my next guest tonight is my a co worker at the Cincinnati Enquirer sherry Coolidge sherry how are you okay good morning actually get afternoon your inquires a city hall reporter and you were you and you've been following P. G. certain felled and Chris for some other men that as they've been let me make it clear P. Justin felt is a it's an open secret that he's running for mayor is raising money but he has officially announced yet were you were you surprised this week by Christopher Spelman's decision to to drop out of that race the fact that the people are listening I don't know that we were both surprised that the I think we should set the date but we were interviewing somebody in a conference room together we need to go in our editor car wider Buckethead in the heat between normally I would have been probably pretty quickly but we were right in the middle of something it was a stunning announcement was made on the anniversary of his white staff and so heart health it was it was a very very powerful messages in her back in kind of the way that it came out which was on a statement on Twitter but yes I would he was a founding moment hi and I could grab my computer and I did a story on time yeah right there sherry sherry nigh on the political columnist for syncing choir Sesay dot com and cherries obviously our city hall reporter before that she covered the Hamilton County government she's covered local politics here for what almost two decades now believe sherry it right is it you know it's hard to believe but I I came here in nineteen thousand entail in nineteen I started covering court after the collaborative agreement with kind of hard to get off the corner which is through the the two thousand one civil the to the riots in Cincinnati with and the police community relations agreement remember after tank because kind of turning on the courthouse which the nexus of a lot of politics in a time Republican calls that Intel I mean I would never have every day for six years on October the police department for two years not counting the tool for four years and then came over ten at city hall when John grilling with elected like three thirty odd years it could have been about one of their little I'm biased but I'm also objective sherry is is the absolute best reporter and this and this region and nobody knows his stuff better and she's an incredible watchdog reporter I want to talk to you about there's a couple of different sort of I don't fall outs the right term but when you think about now what's gonna come next on this mayor's race for it first of all for Chris first amendment not the mayor's race for him but his political future I want to I want to mention say that he cited the fact that he needs to focus on his family has five children and he was left to you know rate raises grace's kids on his own after his wife who fought so hard against cancer man near passed away a year ago what this past Wednesday for him I see I still see very bright few obvious he's gonna finish out his term here on city council is the vice mayor I see really still a very bright future for him in politics I see him running in twenty twenty two for Hamilton County commissioner and Stephanie do most I think the question would be does he run as an independent does the switch over and run as a Republican what are your thoughts on on him and then we'll jump back to the twenty one there's race you know he kind of behind the scenes a huge push by you know certain people in the community for him to run at the commissioner this time against any street because of course the Republican not a Republican he is an independent black hills Republicans delivery fan as a fiscal conservative well I kind of propel their idea ideal in the really fond of the pertinent question as you've written he had to really have trouble running up these candidates for the commission right in the one right but me that used to be all Republican commissioner dominant Republican absolutely and turning that they're just having trouble getting tired of it you know in a moment like three weeks ago it has been on hold for one minute and then and he wouldn't be pushed back into the time when he is pushing back but he didn't want to run really fun he's sticking to the mayor's race but it seems like maybe he was thinking farther ahead I I I I says I wrote this and unite talk about this at our desks is with listers like sherry I sit little in the same pot so we are constantly talking politics and stories in clear there's a there's a separation of church and state that between cherry the news reporter media columnist but it still does obviously keep us from from a spitball all these all these political issues you know I I I side I believe this is the right decision for him politically I I thought it was gonna be a really hard road for him to when the sensei mayor's race as a non Democrat and I'd really and why I say that is when you look back and I'm I know this is getting a little uber local here but if you look back at this past election twenty nineteen election in the city the school board race for since a public schools really to me showed how in tune the electorate in the city of Cincinnati is to that sample ballot which if to get on the sample ballot you get the endorsement of the party the writing candidates was endorsed Hosey Davis was endorsed by the party but it's so tough to win as a writing canon he did not win yeah he's still got what was at over twelve thousand votes and really challenge for a spot to get the third there was three seats up and he finished fourth but he challenged and I had to be very specific like on the ballot how you do it and like people literally looked back and and so to me that said that really sort of four shattered I think what's to come in the city of Cincinnati is that if you're not on if you're not a Democrat indoor on on that sample ballot it is almost impossible for you to win a head to head race so I think politic politically Chris for Smith and made the right decision I think he really has a great shot when that commission rates now let's focus on P. G. certain felt who now finds himself as the only candidate right now early super early really we're just about halfway through the the John families final term we discussed the halfway point of of that the P. you said until now finds himself in this right yeah you know you would think if you're just looking out on the surface and think well he's in the driver's seat but a year it was your words is said about you know the you know the the unknown can be scary and so what what do you see for P. G. and what do you see from his campaign moving forward important note like I'm like a lot of races that mayors race in the field right now come down to the top two people still race for the in the primary so three pretty strong candidate but if you think back the black tie rod Richardson junior that Simpson and Ron cream like you know we talk a lot all of you that don't like the kitchen with a very strong candidate and people are really kind of watching to see how that yeah he well the community who are not going to let the opening by never been scaring some people away thinking this and he's a very none of that and we're probably going to be the two people that made it apparel this field right the actual rates and now even blown wide open and it is absolutely and I'm now on the kind of like slowed up this week but none from people themselves and I just want to be a lot of jockeying for you the ground zero here he had really kind of been farther home now it's like this either candidate or to Canada currently we're talking with us is inquire shoot of city hall reporter sherry Coolidge about pretty while we can local politics and so so far we we're we're we're focused on one story right now sherry one of the things on on that mayor's race in in but by the way we're also talking about the twenty twenty one mayor's race not the twenty twenty race and it's it's crazy to think how we're already kind of in that mode of here here in Cincinnati Hamilton County in this region were already kind of in twenty twenty one mode as well as we go through twenty twenty mode dot to me sherry I I C. P. siden filled by No Way kicking it into neutral that guy is an absolute beast on the campaign trail when it comes to fundraising and I think you'll even work just as hard if not harder now he doesn't have an opponent because he he's smart enough to know that there are there's going to be someone run against him I think that's the opportunity is is just it's too ripe to to not for someone not to take and I am the one the one Canada keeps popping up in my mind right now and and I know there's been like you said tons names being thrown out but I think keep an eye on it if Lisa researcher campus I talked about the flat top after the hour doesn't win this commissioner race which she has a great shot to win I I could see her turning around and running for mayor in twenty twenty one she did run for mayor in two thousand five it'd make the primary but do you think it will be someone like Alicia re some big name city Democrats who who will ultimately challenge could you send filtered organ and run against them I mean we're letting the African American community in Cincinnati is certainly going to want I can't it at their own wine and she would be one of the strongest candidate if you popular alcohol you know that would really help city through a troubled time but she was gone with the wind David pap and one is just thirteen or helpful that people look back now for all of your travel holiday and everything people are like now with the hard working council they got a lot of things done across party lines to yeah and so I feel like she's definitely going to be.

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