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Disney, Bob Eiger, Chairman discussed on Rush Limbaugh


This is a Bloomberg money minute a rebound for stocks today after the Dow saw its worst two day point loss in history investors are tracking the latest developments when it comes to the corona virus the Dow jumping more than four hundred points Wall Street isn't letting Disney off the hook just yet having pulled a switcheroo of Bob Eiger for parks chairman Bob chip back it's a new chief executive officer Citigroup analysts said investors will have a difficult time believing any successor will be able to match occurs results shares of the entertainment giant's are lower Papa John's dropping after the pizza chain reported earnings that suggests a little growth for its north American locations this year Papa John's fighting its way back from a scandal with former CEO and founder John Schnatter which hurt sales and badly damaged the company's reputation and Bloomberg has learned Walmart is exploring the sale of a stake in its UK grocery business asda private equity firms are said to be interested corny Donahoe Bloomberg radio or how.

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Disney, Bob Eiger, Chairman discussed on Rush Limbaugh

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