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Via mobile phone app our executive producer today is John Vincent and for Kristen Hey Greg will top story here today we of science two times now the last two weeks we have said civilian employees of the Baltimore police department have been assaulted we had a deputy commissioner robbed at gunpoint near Patterson park last week and the last couple days now a Baltimore police civilian employee was assaulted by three people two of whom were on scooters and now of course they have released the video of that assault in the forties are offering up to thirty two thousand dollars and rewards for information that leads to the arrest of these three thugs unfairly the employee I was walking in on Albemarle street there it'll Little Italy yesterday actually Wednesday morning around six AM and when used in the video you see two people approach the victim on scooters a third person comes in on foot and then knocks him down kicks him in the head the victim brie briefly stumbles to his feet and knocked down again stomped on repeatedly as many stays down don't know whether he lost consciousness or not one of the assailants searching the victims pockets they steal all stole his car keys and then our being told the detective Germany Solberg wrote in an email of the FBI and the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives are each offering server five thousand all rewards metro crime stoppers two thousand all told thirty two thousand dollars in rewards and it is a word with you know you know I don't know if this is good just coincidence right were we have civilian employees of the Baltimore police department they just happen to be assaulted or whether they're now being targeted if again I think it's probably more the former than the latter but the the thing that is disturbing as we saw in DC in the last couple of weeks as well a tourist was savagely beaten stomp and spit on by a gang of thugs at the edge of the Washington Hilton that's the help that's the to work Reagan was shot by a would be assassin and in nineteen eighty one so we've we've got that and then we've got these ongoing water attacks were police are having being dolls by water hit by buckets it's not just a New York City of course a Brooklyn Harlem in the Bronx it is now spread to Atlanta as well so again we're saying this kind of thuggish behavior and one wonders or why this is allowed to continue to happen well we know why it's happening in New York because of the mayor there build a wall CEO who doesn't want any kind of confrontation unnecessary confrontation of by the police with the citizenry that may be committing crimes and you know minor crimes but none the less crimes and basically they haven't split level in other words the the police up there that don't have the support of the mayor and the police officers realize that now in Baltimore it's the the it may be a difference of of story I'm on I'm not sure I don't know if this is just a coincidence that we you have two of them the employees of the Baltimore police department dressed in civilian clothes who are assaulted and and want one case of the leave the there was an attempted robbery as well none the less these both of these men that were assaulted ours are stationed at the police headquarters one thing at street which is just a few blocks from where last night's incident occurred or the like before and you know there is the possibility that may be these people that work for the Baltimore city police department of being staked out and then later on assaulted that is it a little bit the the structuring of the you know the whole story here but anything is possible it could be just a coincidence we don't know I think you can't dismiss it let me have a look at it while you're investigating us think we got the one looking at the video never saw the body or not but the the the to drop their scooters and they weren't wearing gloves so what they've got fingerprints on now whether they're in the system or not we don't know but I would venture a guess that the thugs they committed this brutal assault and that looks like this was a Muslim of them but a civilian employee of the way he was dressed in fact the council American Islamic relations is also offering a reward but you know so so they drop their scooters and then flee on foot so it looks like they're going to have some fingerprints or we don't know for in the system what for you say but again disturbing escalating cycle of violence here in Baltimore city it's just not the homicides in the shootings now we're having the civilian employees of the police department are being assaulted second time in two weeks five fourteen traffic.

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