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Hi Michelle Martin also this hour a look back at this week's democratic debate the candidates differ on their approaches to climate change and health care plus a prominent U. S. retailer gives his take on trump's new threatened tariffs on Chinese goods the concept that somebody else is paying these duties is just full Asians and hit show Jane the virgin has wrapped its final season are only the homes admits it she cried the story is so touching so much of the time and yet also so goofy first the news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Jeanine Herbst in el Paso police say one person is in custody after a gunman opened fire at a Walmart in the West Texas border city Texas public radio's Lawrence process has more law enforcement responded to an active shooter situation Saturday morning at a Walmart on passes east side a nearby shopping mall was also evacuated after reports of gunshots on that site sergeant Robert Gomez is with the Paso police department he confirmed one person is in custody but the number of injuries and fatalities is still being accounted for there were multiple victims I can't confirm their status that yet and I can't confirm the numbers democratic presidential candidate but the overwork has left the campaign trail to return to his home city Texas governor Greg Abbott is also expected to arrive in el Paso today for NPR news I'm Laurin thought process where do we go as a new governor for now but there is still a lot of uncertainty about the state of the office on the island and here's Maria hello so reports from San Juan critics of the new governor argued that the appointment and swearing in a federal Pierluisi is unconstitutional Lucy was named to the new governor by the house on Friday but the Senate has not yet voted on his confirmation many legal scholars argue that it is unconstitutional including professor again you know right yes dean of the law school at the inter American University in San Juan it would be unconstitutional because it would be against the separation of powers and it would be against the checks and balances there is a basic principle of the constitution the mayor of for one says the city plans to challenge Pierluisi swearing in next week the Porter Rican Senate will vote on whether to ratify or reject the leases incumbency Marie's opinion Lhasa NPR news San Juan Puerto Rico in Russia police have reportedly arrested more than eight hundred people in Moscow were pro democracy activists are holding on the authorized protest in support of free elections Charles means has more from the Russian capital the rest figures come from the human rights monitoring group O. V. D. info among those detained opposition politicians human rights activist journalist protesters and random passers by the protests were called after authorities banned opposition candidates from participating in fall elections for Moscow city council relatively minor race that has turned into a litmus test of political freedoms and contemporary Russia fourteen hundred people were detained by truncheon wielding police during a similar action last weekend and key opposition figures including politician like thing of only are currently behind bars for organizing unsanctioned rallies against the government authorities have also launch criminal proceedings against several dozen pro democracy activists for quote inciting a mass riot charges that carry some fifteen years in prison for NPR news I'm Charles Manson Moscow this is NPR news this is W. NYC in New York I'm lance lucky one person is dead and four others were sickened by carbon monoxide in Brooklyn police say the victims were squatting in an unoccupied residential building the fire department responded to a building on Jackson street in Williamsburg just after six this morning authorities say one man was dead at the scene and four others were taken to a hospital the names weren't immediately released firefighters say generator running inside the building was apparently the source of the carbon monoxide a man who authorities say because dozens of New York City Subway delays by pulling emergency brakes has been arrested again for allegedly surfing on the outside of a train police say twenty three year old Isaiah Thompson was arrested last night on charges of reckless endangerment and trespassing he's accused of writing on the outside of a north bound five train in Manhattan on Wednesday the death of two children left in a hot car in the Bronx while their father went to work is prompting more support for a proposal requiring backseat sensors in cars Bronx councilman Fernando Cabrera is pushing Congress to act now on the bill I think it's.

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