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All righty term on tap. It's odor. That originated. I mean, I guess it's because of beer beer is on tap. So it means that it's instantly available. We've got instantly available Yankee baseball. There you go. Okay. Let's go to Kevin in Brooklyn. You're on the fan. Kevin. Hey, Richard good morning. Good morning. Kevin. I I don't wanna beat a dead horse. But I I have to circle back about even Matt for here and not if you just allow me to vent. Sure. Coming off a day where we're this guy. Let's up for absolute moonshot. I, you know. I'm just thinking to myself. I am I am. I am. I immediate. You know, what is it five years now? The Mets have been selling. Oh, there's so much upside on this guy. I never taken them out where where I I've I've been watching the game and not fought, you know, this guy is probably going to let a twelve twelve. I I I mean, I'm still waiting for this upside everyone keeps talking about you know, just the same as we were trying. They tried to sell us on Travis Darnall, the guy can't even roll the ball. Well, let me let me respond to that adamant you and you can come right back at me here. Kevin. I'm sorry. The thing is you've seen games where he's really pitched. Well, he's he's had electric stuff. And he's done. Really? Well, and you say, well, why can't he harness that consistently? And he hasn't been able to hear you're absolutely right. Every time he gets runners on base you thinking, oh here comes a big crooked number, and he just doesn't inspire confidence. And he has games like yesterday where you go. What what what the heck is this guy all about at this point? But this time he's a fourth starter. And it's like Zack Wheeler Zack Wheeler was the same thing. Zack Wheeler would would get into situations. And he just dug himself deeper in a hole, but it looks like we learn has figured it out. All right. So I think what they're hoping is that they can apply that same appointment or whatever it is to Stephen Matt's is brain and get him to a point where he can figure it out and be more consistent. So that's what they're hoping. But you're right. It's it's very frustrating. When you see things like yesterday, even though it's spring training. You're less than two weeks away from the regular season. And he doesn't appear at all ready to start does. He. You know, you're real really, I guess what? I'm really curious about is how how long is this guy? I mean, I mean, honestly, you know, it's been five years where we can't get any consistency any semblance of it. You know from this guy. And I I just wonder how how long before people start realizing, hey, I'm not going to buy it upside well off track anymore. What did he have last year? Like, a three nine seventy a I think it was off the top of my head. I I know. Yeah. Bionic, richard. He doesn't feel that way. You know, because it, you know, he'll he'll go out and have a Kavak akin every every you know, four or five starts, but you know in between. You know, this guy, you know, putting up enough run. Sure. Well, look, it's earned-run average. So so, you know, you take that with a grain of salt. But I think it was under four for a fourth starter. That's that's kind of okay. And he was five and eleven three nine seven. I was right. Okay. See that's the thing. It's he's okay. He's inconsistent. He's maddening because you see those gems, and you go why can't he do that all the time and see I've maintained forever that in sports consistent. Great performance is our consistent. Good performance is what makes the difference between a wannabe and a real player. Because anybody. Myself a new sample playing golf. I mean, I can go out there and shoot two hundred for nine holes once in a while. But the rest of the time, I'm you know, four or five over par. So so what's the real me? And I like to think this is years ago when I was good. I'm not anymore. I like to think. Wow. I'm like are. They could shoot two hundred. I've got that talent. Well, anybody can have a good day. The question is can you have consistent good days? And that's where Stephen Matt's falls down. Now, he has a career ERA of three nine eight. So that's not bad for a fourth starter. You'd like to think when when he came up and he had that great game. And he hit the home runs and everything that man, this guy might be. The next John black. Well, obviously, that's not happening. But it's frustrating because when you see those highs you say, I want them all the time may not getting them from an all the time. It's gonna add them on Staten Island. You're on the fan of Adam. Hey, good morning, rich, Adam. I I agree with you with Odell being a generational talent. But what you're saying about match. I think also can apply to him which is that his production. Does it ride to the level of it doesn't outweigh? I should say the negativity he brings to nine OEM south by. I'm sure the locker room, and I think that's the biggest problem. Now, why the giants made the right decision because. This guy. Talking to Beckham. Now, I'm talking about Beckham. Okay. He's been injured. He he has not risen to the occasion. When it when it mattered in that playoff game, the one place. Generational town. Agreed the potential is there. I think the attitude and the negativity outweighs it, and I have to say I'll be very curious how the Browns are because they have they have personalities that are that are so big on that team. Whether it's always an outcast for Miami. Or now Beckham and even Mayfield is showing you that is brash. I just wonder I wonder if if things don't go well for one or two weeks in a row at that implodes rather quickly. Well, that that's that's a very interesting point because when you Mayfield and he got Landry, and you got to obey j you know, these could be the three amigos, and they can go on and have storied careers or the egos won't be enough to fit on one team, and you're going to have constant cry bean and bickering and divisive locker room now to to be fair OBGYN teammates to a man have said nothing, but great things about them. They loved him. He was a guy that they looked up to. So that's that's the thing. We got to consider, you know, his teammates didn't consider him a distraction. They considered him a great player who occasionally did some some wacky things, but they were doing wacky things too. I mean this whole end zone celebration of the dog thing. Okay. That was steps. Stupid. But but now the giants are posing for pictures when they score a touchdown. You know, the post for a team picture is that they all do it. Now. And this much as we don't like it. That's that's what it is. Let's go to IRA Staten Island. You're on the fan IRA who I think you got to be a pretty happy camper. These days. Yes. We lost a lot of special teams there, you know, with your returner and your kicker, but. You know, I guess you can live with it. Right. Can live with it. Put your. Said how you played touring the foreigners some time four over. That's how they probably approached Jason longer. I'm a big factor. Crazy. Create a create yelich probably picnic shells had. He's not gonna come back. Go back there. Eighty two to eighty three percent of. Yeah. Feel for that. That's why I think they got out Canadair owner should have have competition for him. I agree Roberts. You know, what I would have loved to have him back. If I read was correct. You know, two years. Yeah. Especially when Curators had so many holes to fill, and you know, the Moseley thing that was an old brainer. I think not only recycling a terrific player. He's also bring in a like a burning talk. Type of team. You'll really good thing. Situation. You know, I'm not gonna kill him for it. You know with the bad thing, they did, but your professors family, and now let's get to reprise. Spell. We talked for. My salutes getting endless talk about on. Gal. We both read, you know, I wouldn't have spent box, but considering the type of money that they spent for this guy. They gotta deal. I still have to be serves, you know, guys are coming here, and you know. Choosers not saying what you want but price on two years committed and they could get out of it. Get three or four really if you look at the Martin over the first two years a lot. So I think if you. Chipanga shoulder plate winning attitude. Maybe they really answer. Ira think think what you just said it's not a lot. What is it thirty thirty something million dollars? Not a lot. This is monopoly money. We're talking about. It's crazy. But but but you're right. I mean, they got a very good deal. And see here's the thing. I'm wondering with him. He sat out last year lost fifteen and a half mil. Right. So this contract to me doesn't really make up for that. Does it? No. So. To play hard to get your good years. And then you hold out. And you know, Donald it'll be it'll be fully developed is a quarterback, and they have won something. And now, you know, referring them out. Price. Well, you know, what if he gives you a Naf that he's able to hold out? I think you'll take it. Because if he's able to hold out after two years that means he's played at a really really high level and that combined with darnold development and everybody else they brought in should mean at least playoffs for the jets, and maybe even pie in the sky hopes. So I think you and I both questioned his running style. Whether it's going to work with this offensive line, and all that kind of stuff we don't know that Curtis. Martin speaks very highly of him. And you gotta respect Curtis Martin and his opinion and his mentor ship. So I think if you're a jet fan. You gotta be pretty happy. I was thinking they could do something a little less expensive down in Atlanta. But they got a guy that know again could be a real difference maker. And again the money. They spent wasn't crazy crazy money considering what guys you're getting these days. Eight seven seven three three seven six six six six..

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