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Had been introduced in california it was a very good wine from the get go but more importantly it really did capture people's imagination so by the mid70s there's for ideally labelled serag in california this coming out at a commercial level yes the first commercial serag in the modern era is 1974 in its joseph phelps vineyards by all accounts it is a pretty miserable wine the vineyard that it drew from within the napa valley it looked on paper like it would have been a good location for serag but it was barely close to the napa river it was a heavy claybased soil the vines never really did all that well they were terribly virus and walter xu the men who made that wind told me that it never colored up that the vines were losing their leaves well before he harvested and even when he did harvest it never really got two more than a dark resilient color um ten and a half percent alcohol did just doesn't sound like anything that we no one think of as serag for the next fifteen or twenty years they beat their head against not just this vineyard but vineyards that they subsequently planted down valley as they tried to kind of get after some of the elusive character of the vine that they loved in french sir us they kept on looking for what they called the pepper they wanted a wind that was really showing that brittan known aromatic quality and.

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