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S&P futures are little changed as we head into the final trading day of the week 5 O one on Wall Street I'm gonna check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures are again little change Now features down 83 NASDAQ futures up 54 that decks in Germany is down about two tenths percent The cat in Paris is down three tenths percent in the footsie 100 down a quarter percent Ten year treasury up 9 30 seconds Yields 1.55% They yield on the two year .47% I'm executive as down 8 10% or 63 cents at 78.38 a barrel Nathan Karen we begin this morning on Capitol Hill where House Democrats are expected to pass President Biden's $1.6 trillion economic agenda today They wanted to vote on it last night but Republican leader Kevin McCarthy has been delaying that plan with a lengthy speech from the house floor that began in the evening hours and is still going I know some of you are mad at me think I spoke too long but I've had enough America has had enough The house is scheduled to resume work at 8 o'clock this morning following representative Kevin McCarthy's remarks Meantime the congressional budget office released its estimate for the cost of President Biden's plan It says it would add more than $360 billion to the deficit over the next decade The debt ceiling is also a front and center in Washington Nathan's Senate leaders meeting yesterday to figure out how to resolve the impasse ahead of a possible default next month Amy Morris says the latest from our Bloomberg 99 one newsroom in Washington Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer and minority leader Mitch McConnell talked about the need to boost the nation's debt ceiling sometime around mid December This just two days after treasury secretary Janet Yellen warned that the country risks default if Congress doesn't lift the limit by December 15th Republicans want Democrats to use a budget reconciliation process to raise the dead limit without GOP votes But Schumer insists any boost should be bipartisan After the meeting McConnell said they'd figure it out quote we always do In Washington I'm Annie Morris Bloomberg daybreak All right Amy thanks The fed is also in focus on Capitol Hill today There are new developments this morning over who will lead the Central Bank Let's get the latest live from Bloomberg's ready to young Good morning Good morning Nathan Two progressive democratic senators join Elizabeth Warren in saying they oppose renominating fed chair Jay Powell for a second term Jeff merkley of Oregon and Sheldon whitehouse of Rhode Island say Powell lacks a strong commitment to address the growing risks of climate change Fed governor lael brainard is more liberal on climate issues Meantime Bloomberg sources say democratic senator Joe Manchin is undecided about who would be best for the job He wants to meet with brainer didn't have a follow-up talk with Powell And The White House says President Biden will announce his choice to lead the U.S. Central Bank before Thanksgiving live in New York I'm ready to young Bloomberg daybreak All right ready to thank you about the fragile relationship between the U.S. and China is also in focus this morning It's dominated discussions at the Bloomberg new economy forum in Singapore this week Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the latest to weigh in on the conflict Of course we have to cooperate We should cooperate on a range of issues but we also can not permit the kind of aggressive military build up the kind of efforts to dominate maritime navigation the intimidation of nations in the larger Asia Pacific region Hillary Clinton is predicting the Biden administration will remove some Trump era tariffs on China she's also commenting on cryptocurrencies saying they could loom large on the geopolitical stage What looks like a very interesting and somewhat exotic effort to literally mine new coins in order to trade with them has the potential for undermining currencies for undermining the role of the dollar as the reserve currency for destabilizing nations Clinton's remarks came from a panel at today's Bloomberg new economy forum and stay tuned for more of that conversation coming up in ten minutes from now Another former Secretary of State mentioned cryptocurrencies there Karen We should mention Bitcoin is down for a 6th straight session right now trading just shy of 57,000 U.S. futures meantime are mixed as we close out this trading week yesterday Big tech drove the S&P 500 to its 66th record close of the year This session could be more volatile though Options expire today They're forecast to be the second most in recent history Nathan we're watching shares of applying materials this morning down the most 5% the maker of machinery used to manufacture semiconductors delivered a downbeat forecast citing supply chain issues and we get that story from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet Production and shipment snags have created global shortages of key parts wreaking havoc on the chip industry and that has made it harder for Applied Materials to capitalize on surging demand In a statement CEO Gary Dickerson said the supply chain can not keep up and Applied Materials expect shortages of certain silicon components to persist in the near term In New York Charlie pellet Bloomberg daybreak Okay Charlie thanks Again futures are mixed as we head toward the Friday open S&P futures are down almost 5 points down futures down a 127 NASDAQ futures are higher by 57 points European stocks are moving lower this morning The ten year treasury is up ten 30 seconds the yield 1.54% yield on the two year right now .46% Straight ahead will bring a year latest local headlines and a check of sports This is Bloomberg It's 5 O 7 on Wall Street where 43° in Central.

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