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First four letters of Dr at gmail dot com. So it's a P P L. D o t at gmail dot com. The other way to stay in touch with a home appliance show is to visit our Web page and to get there you goto w Jr dot com. Slash appliance. When you're there, you can hear past episodes of the show. So maybe you heard of segment You want to hear again to get some details Or maybe a Mr segment that you wish you would have heard. Go to our home page at W. Jr dot com slash appliance and he could stream past episodes and also, you're there, you'll see our list of our preferred partners. If you're looking for some help around your home or business, that's a W. J. R. Dot com slash appliance. But the reason we're here live at 7 14 in the morning on Sunday, August, 23rd 2020 is because right now we're here to take your calls, and that's the way to really get your question answered. So give us a call 808 590 W. J. R. That's 808 590957. If I wasn't doing this, I'd be home sleep and that's no good. That's why I'm happy to be helping out. I'm Donald the hammer Schuster and we're just moments away from the next segment. Of the home an appliance show with consumer advocate and appliance. Dr Joe Gannon on news talk 7 60. W. J. R. Whatever temperatures.

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