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It's all things considered from NPR news. I'm Ari Shapiro and I'm Ailsa Chang Coming up The new documentary, Summer of Soul tells the story of a music festival that some described as black Woodstock. If anything, I want artists to know The lesson that we need to learn is that Message and activism. Those things matter first, these headlines. Live from NPR News in Culver City, California I'm Duane Brown, the U. S. Supreme Court upheld Arizona voting laws today. The decision will likely help other Republican led states by challenges to voting restrictions following last year's presidential election. Arizona limits who can return early ballots for another person and allows officials to refuse to count ballots cast in the wrong precinct. High court 6 to 3 Conservative majority found Those restrictions do not Violate the Voting Rights Act. Here's NPR's Carrie Johnson for many voting rights activists, today's ruling puts another hurdle in front of them. It doesn't smother these cases altogether, but it's going to make it a lot more difficult for them to win in the future. Just last week, the Biden Justice Department sued Georgia over its new voting restrictions. There's no word from DOJ yet on the court ruling today, but some experts think today's ruling Is going to make it harder for justice to win that case in Georgia, NPR's Carrie Johnson. New research from scientists at the University of North Carolina shows promise for a vaccine that aims to protect people from Covid 19 and any other coronavirus variant that poses a threat. From North Carolina Public Radio cold El Charco reports. The study, published in the journal Science, gives hope to the idea of stopping multiple coronavirus is at once a vaccine tested on aged mice appears to protect against the virus that causes covid 19 and multiple viruses within the same subgroup. David Martinez is one of the study's lead Researchers. The same vaccine can actually protect against the original stars from 2003, as well as Zoonotic or, uh, coronavirus is from animal sources such as bats, Martinez says. If things go well and further studies, it's the kind of vaccine you could put on the shelf and have ready in case a new virus spread among humans. For NPR news. I'm cold El Charco in Chapel Hill. Stocks finished modestly higher on Wall Street. This is NPR. China is celebrating a double anniversary today, the 1/100 anniversary of its ruling Communist Party and the handover of Hong Kong from their bit from the British back to Chinese rule. NPR's Emily Fang Reports in Hong Kong. That means more security and more arrests. July 1st 1997 is when Hong Kong became Chinese again and in recent years the anniversary has been a time to reflect on into protests. Beijing's control over the territory. This year. Several activists have been arrested already for encouraging Hong Congress to attend a rally on July 1st. One of them will be tried this Friday on suspicion of organising unauthorised vigil Today, police have closed down Hong Kong Victoria Park, where demonstrations usually happen. And police are actively patrolling busy commercial streets, checking ID's and making sure no public disturbances. Mar the Communist Party is birthday. Emily Fang. NPR NEWS Beijing The governor of New Mexico is directing federal coronavirus relief money to help middle class families pay for childcare. That means a family of four making about $93,000 a year is now eligible for federal assistance. The move is aimed at getting parents back to work in one of the nation's poorest states. New Mexico now joins Georgia, Montana and others using pandemic relief funds to expand childcare subsidies. Stocks finished higher on Wall Street today. This is NPR. President Biden says he's boosting pay.

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