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Weekly wednesday auctions monitored by cal current steers wind six fifty seven hundred pounds sold two dollars higher at kissed livestock auction and man dan north dakota steers wine more than seven hundred fifty council steady with instances of three dollars lower at eight hundred eight hundred fifty out feeder heifers. Wait six hundred. Seven hundred pounds sold a dollar higher two dollars lower at seven hundred seven hundred fifty pounds two dollars higher at seven hundred fifty eight hundred pounds there sixty seven hundred and thirty six head on offer at us lock stock market in nebraska steers wayne less than six hundred fifty pounds sold eight to ten dollars higher and then steadied a five dollars higher. Weights heavier than six fifty heifers trade steady. There were five thousand and seventy eight head on offer. Steers traded five to ten dollars higher at six hundred pounds and seven hundred pounds bassett. Livestock auction brassica. Were there forty four hundred head steers and six hundred fifty pounds sold three dollars lower heifers wayne six hundred pounds and seven hundred pounds sold three to ten dollars lower compared to two weeks earlier. Steer soul mostly steady it. Okay see west in alabama oklahoma. The exception was wanted to dollars hire for heavyweight steers feeder. Heffer sold steady to two dollars higher at date. Earlier steering heifer calves suitable grass traded three to ten dollars higher there forty three hundred and twenty-five head on offer across both days steering heifer calves wayne less than eight hundred pounds sold forty eight dollars higher at torrington livestock commission in wyoming steers and heifers wayne more than eight hundred pounds sold steady. There are thirty nine hundred and thirty one head on offer finally steers weighing less than seven hundred pounds sold generally steady at bloomfield livestock. Auction an iowa where there are twenty four hundred thirty nine hundred steers wayne seven hundred eight hundred fifty pounds sold steady to five dollars higher and then firm and heavier weight heifers weighing less than six hundred fifty pounds sold firm but steady the seven dollars higher at heavier weights major. Us financial services closed higher wednesday amid another vulnerable session. Support seem to center around optimism for the economy. Picking up steam federal reserve vice chair. Richard kurita doveish remarks to the. Us chamber of commerce also helped quell inflation worries. The dow jones industrial average closed four hundred and twenty four points higher. The s and p five hundred closed forty four points higher and the nasdaq was up. One hundred thirty two points. Capital markets continued to underperform beneath the weight of record high beef production since the middle of june but randy block cattle fax. Ceo expects cal prices to increase from now through twenty twenty four especially after the first half of this year profitability will increase significantly for cal cafes and margin operators he said cattle facs shared. Its market outlook wednesday. As part of the national cattlemen's beef association winner reboot part of the price. Optimism has to do with declining cattle numbers. After working through current front end supplies cattle facts projects modest herd liquidation of two hundred thousand beef cows this year and three hundred fifty thousand head more next year due in part to the likelihood of expanding one in your drought this summer leverage will also swing back and producers favor ask packing plant capacity utilization declined according to kevin good cattle facts vice-president industry relations in analysis at the same time cattle facts expects consumer beef demand to continue strong block explained domestic consumer beef demand. Last year was the strongest in more than thirty years. Based on the us consumer beef demand index that was helped along by consumer incomes being replaced almost entirely by government stimulus internationally cal facts expects us beef exports to increase at least five percent this year in terms of annual average cattle prices for this year cattle facts projects an average of one hundred nineteen dollars one hundred weight for fed steers. A hundred and forty five dollars for steers at eight hundred pounds. A hundred and seventy dollars for steers at five hundred and fifty pounds sixty four dollars for utility cows and sixteen hundred dollars ahead for bread. Cows there headwinds of course even before considering the possibilities of expanding drought mike murphy. Cattle facts vice president of research and risk management services said both supply and demand. Main feed costs will likely remain elevated into the next crop marketing year as well the folks at cattle facs expect inflation and interest rates. began rising..

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