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And so that he was on Saturday at the wedding of Australia's foreign minister guy. And can I say. Needless to say, all the cameras were on him times. It felt almost as if it was his wedding. No hers. Nope. This question rises politics aside. Why ruin is dead like this? Know what kinds of has to say about that until after she returns from the honeymoon, but his rundown of what Alden real streets. Colston vols Ailey, holy minister. So I'm worried about the costs to taxpayers. What will the extra security says? This man can have sports on Geoghegan different finish this click causing just marvelous, and the weather is nice to says this woman. It's an advertisement for country. I don't give it. Nice is titles that is was no party affiliation, but she was nominated for the post by the far-right Freedom Party, which is known to have close ties with Russia and personally with Putin. No doubt questions will be asked about that. Although it's unlikely that we'll be sacked as some opponents demanding. It seems that the only good thing to have come out of this is that because he was pressed for time, put in, didn't get round to cracking joke. We'll maybe whispered wanted. Can I said there what a way to start a marriage full monocle in Vienna? I'm lexie corridor. Thanks Alexei. It's almost twin twin into Okeyo, foresee into hills and twelve twenty here in London. You're listening to the briefing. And we continue with a review of today's papers. Now I'm joined in the studio by Monaco's page. Reinaas welcome to the program. How are you doing this Monday? Very well Marcus how year you'd thanks. Do we start with today starting with the story in commerce Sant about the cost of sim cards in Tajikistan on. So it was announced by the interior ministry today that they're going to be raising the cost of sim cards by fifty times. So they're gonna go up to twenty six dollars on. They Ridgely discussed potentially putting up to one hundred and four dollars, and considering the average monthly wage into Don is one hundred and seventy dollars..

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