Paul Manafort, Shannon Watts, CIA discussed on WBZ Morning News


Ben Trump under fire, for his, decision to revoke this Gertie clearance a former CIA director John Brennan retired Admiral William, mcraven oversaw that raid that killed Osama bin Laden wants his security clearance revoked in solidarity with Brennan and this a dozen former, senior intelligence officials including six former CIA director's. Released a scathing statement, calling the president's decision ill considered an unprecedented they argued his move had nothing to do with who should or shouldn't hold security clearances and quote everything to do. With an attempt to stifle free speech to officials on that statement James Clapper and Michael Hayden are on. The White, House list, of, officials who security clearance are under review Arlette signs ABC news Washington the jury resumes deliberations, this, morning in, the trial of Paul Manafort they had questions yesterday Manafort jury resumes. Deliberations with some new clarifications from the judge They sent a note asking him for questions late Thursday among, them can you redefine reasonable doubt Manafort lead attorney Kevin downing said. That question was a, good sign, overall very good day for Mr. Manafort the defense argued the government hadn't met its, burden of proof prosecutors had argued the documents prove Manafort hid millions of dollars, from the IRS and that he lied to banks, to obtain loans Meghan Hughes ABC news Washington. A major break in, the search for missing pregnant mother from Colorado and her two young children police say they located the body they believe to be thirty four year old Shannon watts. And nearby the bodies of her two young daughters the discovery comes just hours after her husband reportedly confessed. To the, murders well, county, district attorney Michael Rourke says too early to say they they'll seek the death penalty would, certainly, involve communication, that collaboration discussion with her family law enforcement Members of my office you're listening to ABC news Your top local. Stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center a former Bellevue. Police officer is back behind bars after being, arrested a third, time in a domestic violence case the prosecutor says John Kevin is accused of violating a no contact order over the. Weekend for the second time since his April arrest a statement from Alaska. Airlines explains a series of flight cancellations and delays the company says some Airbus, planes are affected due to. An unplanned maintenance issue nor the details were given they hope to. Return to normal operations, today and friendship. House caffeine mount Vernon serves breakfast lunch and dinner and the concern is that homeless people. Hang out all day waiting for their next meal that's led. To a lot of complaints in the surrounding neighborhood. So soon only dinner will be on the menu Ellen GAM Ston is executive. Director.

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